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Member since: Thu Mar 6, 2008, 11:16 PM
Number of posts: 8,933

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I would like to request a level of civility in our discussions here.

I go into discussions wanting to read about one thing or another and I get to the comments which somehow seem to have devolved into a name calling session. Look, is there some reason we cannot have differing opinions about things without one being clueless or stupid or whatever other name we seem to like to call each other?

I was just in a thread about the story that zimmerman rescued some people in an accident or something. Yes, I was interested in this story as I hadn't heard of it. Actually this was the second one I had perused as I saw one last night too. Then in the comments I am appalled to see people resorting to name calling. That is not a discussion. When I first heard about it I thought it was odd that zimmerman rescued someone. It seems kind of weird and unbelievable. Folks are expressing their suspicions as is perfectly normal and acceptable. There is no evidence he rescued anyone, and there is no evidence that he didn't. So discuss it. If you think this is a stupid story, then don't go into the thread. Don't waste your time posting in a thread to tell people they are stupid for thinking x or y.

I am sure I am going to get flamed here. This seems to be how things go on this site these days. All I am asking for is some sense of respect for others. We all have different perspectives on things and calling someone names is disrespectful. I understand that things can get heated and we can get upset about things, but discussion is a way to think about a different point of view. Look at something differently than you other wise would have seen it.

Politics invading the ball drop

I was watching the ball drop and our local ABC channel would go to the local anchors in Buffalo at the ball drop there and right behind them were several Ron Paul signs. They kept shouting Ron Paul for President. I am sorry. I thought this was a New Year celebration. GRR!! So I switched the station. And I would switch back later hoping for the national NYC coverage and there would be the local anchors with Ron Paul signs in the background.

I appreciate people are excited about the elections coming up.... But how many months do we have left before the elections?? Before the primaries even get to this state? I can't even enjoy a ball drop without these clowns.

OK. I am done.

My 16+ year old cat just died today.

She was my friend. I have had her since my husband and I have been together. Longer than I have had my kids. She has always been there for me. Even when I would yell she would forgive me. She always forgave me and loved me no matter what. I am sorry to post this, but I just miss my friend.

She was part siamese. The most beautiful cat I have ever seen. Blue eyes. Very soft fur. But she shed. She was a shedder. And she liked to lay right on my chest. She'd get just close enough so her whiskers would be touching my face. She always wanted attention. She'd walk over my book I was reading and lay right down on it. It annoyed me back then but now it just is making me smile.

Thank you for listening to me. I do appreciate it.
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