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Member since: Fri Mar 7, 2008, 12:52 AM
Number of posts: 10,287

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Todays secret word is

Scortched earth
Replacing harm from yesterday
Scream real loud for scortched earth!

Anybody got that chair video yet?

I mean it happened in a Las Vegas casino one of the most surveilled spots on Earth seems to me that there should be some video in a room full of people with cameras.
Or is it just another lie being pushed by Hillary and the DNC?

If the fbi investigation is a rw.smear why dont i hear the rw talk about it?

Very little said by the gop or msm about this and i have to wonder
If this is a right wing smear as i keep bei g told then why isnt the rw.flogging it 24/7?

Has the security review evolved into.an investigation?

We have been hearing for weeks about the security review but now the FBI says they have an investigation
Has the security review evolved?

Why do dem primary results differ from exit polling

But not the gop exit polling which seemz to reflect the final tallies.
Can this be explained?

Asking again a month later.. When the primary is over will you

Empty your ignore list?
Can you see youself making common ground with those.who have said so many horrific things about your candidate and laughed while.doing so?
Can you find common ground with those who have continually acted against your candidate in malicious ways? With those who have shown their beliefs to be in diametric opposition to yours?

Note to jury..no candidates are named in the above.

So my cable is out how many points did hillary win by in indiana?

It was a 20 point spread yesterday so she must have wiped the floor with him.
Im guessing after his dismal.defeat in indiana he folded up the tent.

If primaries are only for club members

Why in the hell.are my taxes paying for your exercise in political eclusion?
If they are only for members of the club then your club needs to.foot its own bills.
I dont want my taxes supporting your private club any more than i want to pay for the country club cotillian.
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