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Gender: Female
Current location: Oklahoma
Member since: Sun Mar 9, 2008, 12:02 PM
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I live in deep red country, and like to see myself as a bright shining blue star in a sky full of red hues. It\'s not easy living in an area surrounded by Republicans, but I truly believe in my role of changing a heart and mind one person at a time. DU for me has became a safe haven, where I can come in gather knowledge and fellowship with Democrats, and be refueled to go out and fight yet another day.

Journal Archives

Beware The GOP and Their Allies Are Out In Full Force Against the ACA

50th Time’s the Charm?
A government report released yesterday detailed how the U.S. economy is already benefiting from the law: by driving up personal income and consumer spending. Between Medicaid expanding to cover millions more low-income people, and families who bought private insurance on the exchange and took advantage of the law’s generous tax credits, the ACA contributed a $33.9 billion jump in personal income for January alone.

Think about that for a second — a $33.9 billion jump in personal income in the first month of the law’s full implementation.

The report also found a bigger than expected increase in consumer spending as well — about $45.2 billion total for the month. The Wall Street Journal looked at the report and said that about three-quarters of this surprisingly positive growth came from those benefiting from the ACA.


BOTTOM LINE: The Affordable Care Act is working, It is providing quality, affordable health coverage to millions of Americans and a boost to our economy. Even some red state Republicans are starting to see the light and understand the benefits of the law. With today’s 50th vote to repeal the law, Congressional Republicans made clear once again that they are quite simply living on another planet.


Lying About Obamacare Not Working Out That Well For Republicans
Republicans, lacking any real policies they can campaign on, have been relying on ads based upon lies about the Affordable Care Act. One ad which has received a lot of attention in the Michigan Senate race centered around a cancer patient who claimed her health insurance was unaffordable under Obamacare. Several fact-checkers found that her new policy through the Affordable Care Act was actually saving her at least $1200 per year. The Koch brothers have been funding a number of similarly dishonest ads through Americans for Prosperity. They may have been wasting their money. A new poll has Democrat Gary Peters with a narrow lead over Republican Terri Lynn Land despite a barrage of dishonest ads from Americans for Prosperity.


I’m not surprised. Take away the lies, and the right wing has no argument left. The old system was such as disaster, harming both millions of people and causing harm to the economy. The Republicans have no meaningful alternative. Claims made by the right wing are repeatedly being shown to be false, as with the ads from Americans for Prosperity.

oh wait is that 51 votes to repeal now?
The Republican concept of fairness is interesting. They consider increasing the number of uninsured and raising the cost of health insurance fair. They consider taking money out of people’s pockets fair. What Republicans call unfair is the notion that Americans deserve access to healthcare.

The SIMPLE Fairness Act is nothing more than another lamebrain gimmick that is designed to waste taxpayer money while House Republicans pretend that they have the ability to stop the ACA. Republicans understand that support for repealing Obamacare has hit an all time low, so they are trying to disguise their repeal attempts as fairness.

So much time and money wasted by the GOP throwing their tantrums.

As ACA Soars: Darrell Issa Launches a New Bogus Obamacare Investigation

The Real Numbers On 'The Obamacare Effect' Are In-Now Let The Crow Eating Begin
The results are guaranteed to both surprise and depress those who have built their narrative around the effort to destroy the Affordable Care Act.


And a bombshell report just dropped this week showing that the Affordable Care Act is achieving yet another stated purpose: reducing health care costs while increasing coverage. As Gallup finds the rate of uninsured has fallen to its lowest since the financial crisis, data from Goldman Sachs shows that in January, the price of both health care and health insurance fell. While the drop in the health care costs were attributed largely to ACA's legally mandated small cuts to Medicare provider payments, the far more interesting part, to me, was the fact that health insurance prices also dropped - dropped, not increased at a smaller rate, but actually dropped.

Including the expected surge of signups this month as the open enrollment period comes to an end on March 31, Healthcare.gov sign-ups are poised to surprise a lot of people when it's all said and done. While coverage is central to the ACA though, controlling costs is not only one of its essential promises but also critical to the success of the coverage related provisions. That is why the January drop in health insurance rates and health care costs are so important to consider.

The idea that the Affordable Care Act would control health care costs was poo-pooed by both ends of political spectrum. The far Right disingenuously argued that imposing basic requirements that insurance companies cover maternity and mental health care would drive insurance companies to raise prices. The ideological Left, angry at the President for accepting a bill without their venerated public option, posited that without a government insurance option to keep private insurance companies in check, the death-by-spreadsheets industry would have no incentive to control costs themselves.


The Affordable Care Act has two premises and two purposes: to expand coverage and to rein in cost growth. The law has barely become fully effective, but it seems to already be succeeding in both (and succeeding rather wildly in reining in costs). In short: it is working exactly as it was intended to.

As we sprint to the finish to the March 31 open-enrollment period deadline in the health insurance marketplaces set up by the Affordable Care Act, national pundits are increasingly making the case that Obamacare is going to be a political liability for Democrats in November. As evidence, they point to the loss of Alex Sink in a Congressional special election in Florida, pronouncing that it was the ACA that sank Sink's ship.

Actual data, of course, points in the exact opposite direction, suggesting that the traction Sink got in a heavily Republican district in a low-turnout election was in part due to her opposition to Obamacare's repeal. If Obamacare is responsible for the results, then a more accurate reading would be that Obamacare closed an 11-point GOP registration gap to a 2-point voting gap on election day. That's the miracle here, and of course, the corpse of a national media isn't talking about it.

But how long they will be able to keep Obamacare's serious political advantage under wraps is in critical doubt. Last week, a Bloomberg poll showed that nearly two out of three Americans have a clear and convincing message for Washington on the issue of the Affordable Care Act: Keep your hands off my Obamacare. 64% of Americans don't just oppose a repeal of the ACA, they actually broadly support the law - in a poll that is heavily skewed to Republicans in its sampling (29-21 R-D gap, whereas most recent national registration data show a Democratic registration advantage of 4:3).


And there you have the coalition that elected Barack Obama twice, in two landslides: women, young people, minorities, and the middle and working classes. The Bloomberg poll should worry Republicans, not simply because it indicates that their days of demagoging Obamacare are limited, but because the emerging Obamacare coalition isn't all that different from the already dominant Obama coalition.

ObamaCare Facts: Facts on the Affordable Care Act

ObamaCare Facts 2014 - We Tell you the Facts, Not The Talking Points


It looks as though the ACA is getting some good results and has been in the news lately. The more this happens, and it will...the louder the opposition to the ACA will become. Like I said...DESPERATION!
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