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I'm on the other side of the fence from you for a change

I'm trying to figure out why so many here are acting as though this is so unexpected and SHOCKING!!

Now, I know that I haven't been officially affiliated with the NAACP since my college days, but my understanding is that the NAACP and particularly its leadership, has long been supportive of marriage equality. This surprises me even less than the president's statement from last week.

This was from last year -

This was from 2010 - http://www.theroot.com/views/naacp-reaches-out-gay-rights-groups and referred to past NAACP president Kwesi Mfume's support of gay rights and coordination with Human Rights Campaign in 19 freaking 99!

This was from 2009 - http://prospect.org/article/naacp-takes-stance-against-prop-8

Good news and very encouraging but not surprising in the least. Not getting all of the "oh my god. This is SO unexepected!!!" and "better late than never" from folks here at all.

'CNNís Racist Depiction of The Black Church and Gay Marriage'

"Dr." Boyce Watkins once again leaves me scratching my head...

'CNNís Racist Depiction of The Black Church and Gay Marriage'

On the front page of CNN today, there was an interesting article about the divide between the Obama Administration and the African American church.

The author of the piece seems to be implying that black church opposition to gay marriage is hypocritical, in large part because the bible being quoted by Christians is the same one that promoted the institution of slavery.

I was immediately irked by the insinuation that somehow, anyone who opposes gay marriage is driven by the same ignorance that led some enslavement of other human beings. CNN is a network that has shown itself to be in support of gay rights (Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon are members of the gay community, and the network supported Lemonís book about the agony of being black and gay). The position is admirable, since we can appreciate the concept of providing equal rights to everyone.

I donít oppose gay marriage myself, but I was annoyed by the CNN article. What bothered me most about CNNís depiction of the black church is that it is one that wreaks of the kind of liberal paternalism that treats African Americans as if we are savages who need to be educated by white folks. The comparison of gay marriage opposition to slavery is a deliberate effort to poke at the political pressure point of African Americans, reducing our most painful collective experience into a political football. Itís no different from telling a woman that she should protest the labor practices of Wal-Mart because she was once raped by a Wal-Mart employee.

The bolded bit I actually agree with. And I along with just about every black person on the planet am confused as hell that this seems to be THE issue, the ONLY issue in which the American media gives a flying fishstick about our opinion and seeks us out, but only if the results can be skewed to portray us in the most negative way possible.

The rest of this piece I really have no idea what the brother is raving about. And this ain't the first time.
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