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Oh. My. God. My expressions reading that:



I don't even know if this is a joke or not but hysterically, I predicted that this kind of

stuff would become a thing here about a week or two after the first polls came out that showed that Hillary had somewhere along the lines of 80% support from black voters. Yep, I posted about this in July


I noted that folks better get ready for a DELUGE of "endorsements" from every black or brown person that endorsed Sanders. That no endorsement would be too small or insignificant. And that folks here would say that the 6 black endorsements for Sanders would somehow hold the same weight if not, somehow actually MORE weight than the God only knows how many endorsements Hillary has gotten from minorities.

And GDP has certainly not let me down in that regard.

BJ, I think the genesis of all of this was Cali_Dem's OP in May where he dared to note Hillary's

then 87% support from the black community. http://www.democraticunderground.com/10026706470 The responses were so ignorant, privileged, paternalistic, moronic and embarrassing that I did an OP about them in AA a few days later. http://www.democraticunderground.com/118714610

This happened a few months before Black Lives Matter. And when Netroots and Seattle did happen, all it did was blow the lid off what was already a fairly serious problem.

So daring to note Hillary's strong minority support in May started it all imo. That was the start of the "but what has she ever done for THEM??!" and "black people don't know what's good for us" crap. It was also the start of the "Bernie is a civil rights legend" mess that spread all over the Internet and had people of all colors over every corner of the Internet looking at Bernie supporters like this:

It's been downhill ever since.

I think he's moving towards Warren's position too. But what amazes me is the number of Bernie

supporters who are breaking their fingers pretending that he's ALWAYS been at Warren's position. That he's always been a strong advocate for racial justice. He has not and his campaign could not make that more obvious.

Even his press secretary has clearly stated she's made this argument to him.

“One of my suggestions, he took it and ran with it on Meet the Press, is that racial inequality and economic inequality are parallel issues,” she said. “I [told him,] you know, economic equality is an issue. It’s something we need to address. But for some people it doesn’t matter how much money you make, it doesn’t matter where you went to school, it doesn’t matter what your parents do. It doesn’t matter that Sandra Bland had a job and was on her way to teach for her alma mater. It doesn’t matter. None of that matters.”

Bernie Sanders took to the advice, Symone Sanders said. She also confronted him with one of the criticisms he faced earlier in the summer, when Black Lives Matter activists rejected his statements about his past civil rights movement work. http://www.buzzfeed.com/evanmcsan/bernie-sanders-campaign-adds-young-black-woman-as-new-public#.rl5wb1k1y

If Bernie was such a stalwart advocate for racial justice, it would not be the hallmark of the criticism against his candidacy (along with his stance on guns and the lingering concern from many that he is not a member of the Dem party). So this idea that everyone has just made all of this up in order to criticize him is incredibly stupid and bizarre.

Where I'm at right now is I think Mr. Sanders is the best candidate and rather than protect him against criticism like this, I want to be one of the people pushing him as hard as I can towards a better position because I think it needs to happen.

Then he is very lucky to have you among his supporters. And it will be people like you that get him into the White House.

I couldn't care less about nameless fools disliking me nor the attempts to pretend that a certain

candidate never made "economics will trump all" their rallying cry and/or mantra or that black people who dare to discuss this are conducting a "jihad" against Bernie Sanders.

If a candidate had never made this message a staple of their campaign, there wouldn't be endless analyses and comments from black people, economists and now apparently Elizabeth Warren saying how clueless and historically ignorant that stance actually is.

To Black Lives Matter activists and sympathizers, who've spent the last year or more calling attention to the deaths of young black men and women (many at the hands of police), Sanders's attitude toward race was all too familiar: Generations of white progressives have kept economic issues at the center of progressivism and issues that affect mostly nonwhites at the margins. They've challenged Sanders to make racism and mass incarceration as important to his campaign as Social Security. http://www.vox.com/2015/8/11/9127653/bernie-sanders-black-lives-matter

The horizontal organization of Black Lives Matter ensures a diversity of perspectives among participants and even branches. Nevertheless, the now-commonplace claim at the heart of the recent Black Lives Matter protests against Sanders is that white liberals have long reduced racism to class inequality in order to deflect attention from racial disparities. https://www.jacobinmag.com/2015/08/bernie-sanders-black-lives-matter-civil-rights-movement/

"We have a fundamental disagreement with Bernie Sanders that racism is somehow an offshoot from economic exploitation when the reality is that race and class in America are inextricably linked to the rise of capitalism in this country," activist Kimberly Ellis told Weigel. http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonkblog/wp/2015/09/14/why-bernie-sanders-problems-with-black-voters-go-much-deeper-than-him-just-blaming-the-media/

And that was just with a 12 second search. I'd be here all day if I posted even 1/4 of the stories discussing this, making the "Bernie never said that the focus on economics was most important" denial even more blatant and flat out dumb as well as dishonest.

I am DYING laughing at the Clean up on Aisle 2!! Clean up on Aisle 2!!! level of desperation

"No, it just LOOKED like he fucked up. He really didn't!!1 Don't trust your lying eyes!!one"

I just came out of Gd-P and it is THICK up in there. You guys better be prepared. We will soon be bombarded with a TSUNAMI of brown faces suddenly touting Bernie's creds! Ray Ray the dry cleaner, Killer Mike, Wally the taxi driver, Rashonda the school teacher -- they will FIND them some Negroes to put up in order to try to pretend that yes this man has TRULY and DEEPLY connected with the black and Hispanic communities, just forget what those polls tell you! Just forget what black media is telling you! Jason, the 14-year old black kid on social media who's not even old enough to vote really loves him!!!

Yesterday, folks were talking about the polls that showed Hillary wiping the floor with Sanders were bought and paid for by her campaign. Today, these same folks are pretending that what appears to be a fairly disastrous appearance before BLM is either the work of ungrateful Negroes or is actually a shining example of how perfect and glorious their candidate is.

These really embarrassingly stupid "defenses" of their candidate will get plenty of recs here, but if nothing else, all it's really doing is showing how desperate, uninformed and sad these folks are. They really are to be pitied.
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