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Member since: Tue Mar 11, 2008, 07:39 PM
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I am DYING laughing at the Clean up on Aisle 2!! Clean up on Aisle 2!!! level of desperation

"No, it just LOOKED like he fucked up. He really didn't!!1 Don't trust your lying eyes!!one"

I just came out of Gd-P and it is THICK up in there. You guys better be prepared. We will soon be bombarded with a TSUNAMI of brown faces suddenly touting Bernie's creds! Ray Ray the dry cleaner, Killer Mike, Wally the taxi driver, Rashonda the school teacher -- they will FIND them some Negroes to put up in order to try to pretend that yes this man has TRULY and DEEPLY connected with the black and Hispanic communities, just forget what those polls tell you! Just forget what black media is telling you! Jason, the 14-year old black kid on social media who's not even old enough to vote really loves him!!!

Yesterday, folks were talking about the polls that showed Hillary wiping the floor with Sanders were bought and paid for by her campaign. Today, these same folks are pretending that what appears to be a fairly disastrous appearance before BLM is either the work of ungrateful Negroes or is actually a shining example of how perfect and glorious their candidate is.

These really embarrassingly stupid "defenses" of their candidate will get plenty of recs here, but if nothing else, all it's really doing is showing how desperate, uninformed and sad these folks are. They really are to be pitied.
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