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I should have a sticker that says \'Does not play well with others\'

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Only in this primary

Would pointing out the rope be considered tying it oneself.

well, they finally got Jack...

For the longest time our landlord has been attempting to sell the property we live in, a duplex in Seattle. After months of silence, we finally heard his progress: In the form of an eviction notice from the new owner. He issued us three notices, for 'each resident' including our 15 year old son. He appeared unaware that the unit he intended to occupy currently housed a family with no intention of moving, and no inkling that a sale was eminent, let alone an eviction. I get his position, I loathe our landlord for selling it out from under us, and though I'm trying to maintain a pragmatic cheeriness, I'm not looking at a lot of hope with rental costs being what they are. We make about 3k a month, in part due to medical collections (yay, cancer history), subsequently our prospects aren't great, and my credit is less than stellar.
Not sure why I shared this here, I suppose looking for some kind of hope in my wee-hours darkness. Wish us luck, but I don't think I'm long for being able to post, let alone live with any kind of security.
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