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Jester Messiah

Jester Messiah's Journal
Jester Messiah's Journal
April 27, 2016

Well, Hillary folk, it seems you'll get your wish.

It's all on you from here on out. Good luck.

April 6, 2016

Okay Democratic Party, what the hell is your problem?

I swear, the Democratic Party could fuck up a wet dream. On one hand you've got a beloved candidate whose supporters ooze enthusiasm, who never hesitate to shower him with money, who will crawl over broken glass not only to vote for him but to volunteer for him, who would drive turnout in droves. He preaches a return to fairness and economic opportunity for all.

On the other, you've got a candidate dogged by scandal, under FBI investigation, sleazed up to the nines, trustworthiness and approval numbers through the floor and digging, preaching "settle for less", who will actively depress turnout.

Just in terms of finding some coat-tails to ride, why aren't the downticket candidates clamoring for a shift to Bernie? If Hillary is the nominee people will stay home in droves and it will be a Republican walk in the park!

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