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Member since: Sat Mar 29, 2008, 09:11 PM
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Self delete, posted in the wrong forum..

A curious juxtaposition of thread titles

I cropped this out of a screen shot of the first page of GD earlier today, in my mind the juxtaposition of two such contradictory thread titles raises a lot of questions.

Speed up "swap user" on Win7 32 bit machine?

PC is a 2.4 Ghz quad core with 4 GB of RAM, and a 500 GB HDD, three different users who remain logged on but want to switch between users quickly. At the moment it takes about ten seconds to complete the swap and one of the users has a tendency to close out anything another user is running if they can't swap quickly. This annoys the user whose apps get closed out and they asked me if anything can be done..

I have a 20ish GB SSD drive laying around, I was wondering if putting that in as a secondary drive and dedicating 10 or 15 GB to the paging file would help.

Next debate Bernie should just stand there, look at her and wait for Hillary to stop talking

Each time it's his "turn" and Hillary keeps talking he looks at her politely and calmly, doesn't say anything doesn't gesture, just lets her talk into a silence. Eventually the crowd will take control even if the mods won't.

When it's the end of his "turn" by the official time he should graciously STFU and let her talk.

I think Hillary can be fed enough rope to hang herself with public opinion.

Toupée or not toupée

The third panel in this Zippy toon sure looks familiar.

I don't like the term "c*******e w***e", it demeans actual w***es

W***es are powerless people who are usually forced one way or another to do something most of us would find horribly degrading simply in order to survive.

Those politicians who sell out their constituents to corporations for a few favors or dollars on the other hand are powerful people acting traitorously for their own aggrandizement, something not even in the same moral universe as what the average w***e does and not in a good way.

Stop demeaning w***res by comparing them to corrupt politicians.

The New York Daily News was a strong supporter of the Iraq war...

So consider the bias of the source when evaluating the NYDN endorsement of Hillary Clinton.


There was always in the run-up a group of roughly a dozen papers that strongly supported regime change as the only acceptable vehicle toward Iraq’s disarmament. They included The Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, the New York Daily News, the Chicago Sun-Times and the Boston Herald. They continued their praise of the president this week and celebrated the fact that “the regime of Saddam Hussein is doomed,” as The Kansas City (Missouri) Star put it.

Do you suppose attendees to HRC's GS speeches were frisked for recording devices?

My first reaction on being told I can't do something "just because" is almost always to start thinking of ways to do that thing, I might not do it but I'll be thinking of ways to accomplish what I've been arbitrarily told not to do. I guess you could call me an anti-authoritarian. I'm a little unusual but far from unique, someone in the fairly smart crowd listening to Hillary was thinking of ways to record her speech simply because they they were told not to, it's only human.

Another issue is Goldman Sachs big wheels themselves, these are the type of men, and they are mostly men, who wear a belt and suspenders for redundancy. Sure they have purchased Hillary Clinton they think to themselves but will she _stay_ bought? A surreptitious recording of her telling them things she doesn't want made public is just good business, a belt in your pants loops when you are already wearing suspenders.

It's all but certain there is a recording or multiple recordings of Hillary's GS speeches, the bigger question is who has one or more such recordings now? Trump is the most likely I think, he's a blowhard sure but he's a very media savvy blowhard who has already torpedoed one campaign with inside information.

Those speeches are most likely radioactive and a recording or even better a video could be worth fairly big money or maybe really big money if the content is explosive enough. Of course the recording will be worth far more on the market after the nominations and during the general than it is now during the primaries where the only real customer is Bernie Sanders who probably wouldn't go that route anyway.

Think like a member of the 1%, if you had a recording worth potentially millions would you forfeit the money to help someone else you may not even like?

I had a bit of an epiphany the other day

I was responding to Sid and remarked that Canada has almost no Teabaggers and also very nearly zero Berniebros.. And then it hit me, Canada has single payer so people can get help with their psychological issues.

If America had single payer all the Teabaggers and Berniebros would get help with their authority issues and become pragmatic moderate centrists who would enthusiastically vote for Hillary and the status quo.

America could be a paradise and the Republican party nothing but a rapidly fading bad memory if we only had single payer like Canada.

What sort of parent takes their child into a situation where there are active snipers?

Hillary Clinton took her daughter Chelsea to Bosnia where according to Hillary they both came under sniper fire.

I remember when Sarah Palin flew home to Alaska to have her child after her water supposedly broke and how many people condemned her for putting her unborn child in danger.

Shouldn't we also condemn a parent who knowingly and deliberately takes their child into the horrible danger of sniper fire?
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