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Member since: Sat Mar 29, 2008, 10:11 PM
Number of posts: 45,851

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If I had to guess I'd say Hillary is going to cancel on George Clooney because the optics are awful

OK I admit that took me a while to type, what with all the laughter (does anyone remember laughter?).

Anyhow, a little theme music for Hillary's latest extravaganza of opulent flamboyance.

Finding out Bernie is going to the Vatican ruined Hollingsworth Hound's entire day

You see it makes Hollingsworth's candidate look bad because she is going to be at a star-studded glittering Hollywood fund raiser hoovering up vast piles of 1% lucre while Sanders is speaking up for the Lucky Duckies. Not only does it make HH's candidate look bad just the very idea of the Lucky Duckies getting free stuff from *his* taxes drives Hollingsworth mad with envy.


To squelch an ugly rumor, Hillary will ~not~ be going to Hong Kong while Bernie is in the Vatican

No, Hillary is going to be at George Clooney's house for a glittering star studded fund raiser there, it is one of her surrogates, Gary Gensler, who will be collecting the [strike]payoffs[/strike] donations in Hong Kong.

Just wanted to clear that up.

Some of the funniest stuff I have come across online I find more or less by accident

I Google weird stuff just to keep them guessing about me, so a little while ago I entered "planned spontaneity" and got this...

I can type and see the screen again now.


Q: You don't buy the party unity argument?

A: I don't..

At 0:35 in this 1:25 video, you don't want to miss the ending though, it's ... odd.

"I know Senator McCain has a lifetime of experience that he will bring to the White House...

And Senator Obama has a speech he gave in 2002.."

What would Trump look like without his fake tan? (graphic image warning)

Snoopy writes a book

Maw, I found this here dee vice out in the hog pen, Earl was a tryin' to eat it

I guess I'm still about eight years old inside, this video cracked me the hell up. I can't even type this without laughing.

Bernie Sanders And All Those Damn Millennials



I am a broke millennial and I am surrounded by broke millennials. I’ll refrain from generalizations, but me, my family, the people I know, we work like hell when the work shows up. There is no absence of ability or desire to work hard, there just isn’t any work. What apathy there is, is apathy born of not having a reason for being. In a regular town, not a city but a town, where rent is not starkly and hideously impossible, there are no jobs that can steer us toward the middle class. We can kill ourselves working and it won’t get us out of paycheck-to-paycheck dread and exhaustion and nerves.

There is a ceiling on what hard work can do when you’re in the stock room of a big box store. And there is a ceiling on how much hard work you’re allowed to do in the first place. When I hear millennials talk about work, it’s “I didn’t get enough hours” and “they won’t make me full time” and “I wonder why my back is so fucked up.” It is never the soulless, bloodless marketing vision statement platitudes about “authentic workplaces” and “fulfillment.” It’s not enough hours and not enough money and too much pain.


There’s just not much to do that feels tangible and real. Jobs that make human being money, aside from the army, are illusory and largely seen on television. If you work at a Shell station in Prineville or a Kmart in Shawnee, you’ll really only know people in the service industry. There are no magic phone calls to make to get the ball rolling on changing that. You’ll have just about enough energy to hold down that job and be on the lookout for addicts who might steal from you. And college is a shot in the dark, too expensive and not enough of a sure thing to provide an exit strategy like it once did.


Here’s the thing about Bernie Sanders. If you’re a working class millennial in 2016 and you’re not plugged into the pulse of some big city, if you didn’t get four years in the womb of a well-manicured college, politicians don’t give a shit about you. You are invisible. You are worse than invisible. You are irrelevant. Bernie Sanders isn’t campaigning on free marijuana and Xboxes. He’s not pandering to the entitlement of a bunch of kids drooling at screens. He’s just admitting that Jenny at the Modesto Dressbarn actually exists, and he’s admitting that a lot of things are ruined, and he’s saying it like he means it, and he’s providing a way out of the wreckage. Nobody else is doing that.
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