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Member since: Sat Mar 29, 2008, 10:11 PM
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ZOMG! Teh Main$tream Media FINALLY get adversarial with the Romney campaign


DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — Mitt Romney will be participating in his own political version of Monday Night Football when he faces off against President Obama in their final debate of the campaign cycle. But on Sunday morning, Mr. Romney took a break from debate preparation to make a stop at a gridiron of a different sort — a flag football beach face-off between members of the news media and members of Mr. Romney’s staff.

Mr. Romney, wearing black shorts, a black Adidas T-shirt and gray sneakers, walked down to the beach after spending the morning at church, and kicked off the game with a coin toss. (The press won that part, with a call of “tails,” prompting Mr. Romney to quip, “That’s the last call you guys are getting.”)

“Let’s see, look at the captain, Gail’s a captain, is that right?” Mr. Romney said, referring to Gail Gitcho, the campaign’s communications director. “Got a bracelet for you.”

Mr. Romney then handed Ms. Gitcho a white rubber bracelet that read, “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, America Can’t Lose,” an apparent twist on the “Friday Night Lights” motto, which Mr. Romney has recently begun quoting on the campaign trial.

Blackberry Playbook 16 GB, pros and cons?

I've been looking at tablets for a while now, the Playbook gets about as good reviews as any tablet on Amazon and Office Depot has quite a good deal on them at $159, in store only. That's the best price I've seen on the unit by about $40.

Are there any better options in that price range at the moment?


ETA: I just checked the Office Depot website and evidently the 64 GB Playbook is now $189, which is about $40 less than it was a couple of days ago when I was in the store looking at them.

So my OP also covers the 64 GB model, the new price is within my budget.

Along came a spider

I was walking in front of my home a few nights ago with my little headlight flashlight on and nearly ran into this spider spinning a web right at head height, went in and grabbed my camera and got some shots.

Warning, these are up close and personal shots of a really nasty looking spider, if you are overly creeped out by spiders don't scroll down.

Obama was born in the darkest depths of Mordor, that's why I'm voting Tea Party

No, it's not serious ..

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