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Member since: Sat Mar 29, 2008, 10:11 PM
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I'm not sure there is a good place to put this, it's more of an ethical question than religious..

On the other hand it's not really Lounge material since I'm asking a serious question and I know how it would get treated there.

I was talking with a friend the other day who's the female half of a heterosexual couple.. She mentioned that her husband has a hard time concentrating when the TV is on, that it draws his attention like a magnet from whatever it is he's doing. The wife then went on to say that when she's trying to have a discussion with her husband his attention is often drawn to the TV (which she has on a lot, he's not much of a watcher) and she thought it was disrespectful to her that he couldn't completely concentrate on what she has to say in spite of the distraction.

Looking at it from the other perspective though it seems to me that it's a bit disrespectful to have something that you know full well is a distraction to another person going while you are trying to have a discussion with them and then blaming them for getting distracted by it.

I tried to make this point as gently as I could but she was having none of it, it's all the husband's fault in her mind, he doesn't love her enough to totally concentrate on what she has to say.

What do you think about this situation, is it disrespectful for the husband to not pay full attention in the face of a known distracting influence? How about the opposite, is it disrespectful to attempt conversation when you know the other person has a hard time maintaining complete focus under the conditions?

My solution was turn off the TV when trying to have a serious conversation but as I said, she wasn't buying it.

I'm seeing the term "pro-Obama" a lot on DU these days..

I was wondering if there is an official definition of "pro-Obama"?

Is voting (or planning on voting) for Obama sufficient or is there a more stringent set of requirements?

Interesting map: Unemployment rates by county, March 2011-Feb 2012..


Portfolio Projects Create a Superior Constantly Evolving Life Long Resume


Are you are looking for work? With constant news of high unemployment it's easy to feel a bit frustrated and demoralized, especially if you've been out of work for a while, but maybe you're going about it the wrong way. If you're looking for technical hands on work, you are uniquely positioned to do something many other job seekers can't, you can literally show potential employers or customers what you can do by showing them what you've done with a portfolio of your past projects.


Even with the economy in slow mode, there’s always room for someone who’s really good. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting out or starting over, fresh out of school or fresh out of a job, the best way to convey how much you know or how good you are is with a great example of your best work, or maybe two or three examples. If you’re a hands on guy, like many of you are, if you have a project you’re especially proud of, you have the best advertisement possible for the kind of work you do, and whether you’re looking for an employer or some customers for a new business, show them what you’ve already done.

The age old resume is getting to be just that, old. If you don’t write for a living, but you can build or weld or fabricate with the best, then submit some photos of something you’ve done. Choose a good example and send it in. A writer submits examples of his best writing, a photographer, his best photos, a portfolio of what they’ve done in the past. Do you think it’s more convincing to hear someone say, “Hey, I’m really good,” or would you rather see what they’ve done? Show them a portfolio of your past projects.


Ask any employer what he finds most difficult and the common answer is “finding good people.” With high unemployment, it should be easy to find loads of qualified applicants, but what usually happens is companies get lots of resumes from people with no related experience or any accomplishments they can prove, they just want a job, any job, even if it would make no sense for that company to hire them. If you truly have experience and provable accomplishments, you can jump to the head of the line, even if you don’t write like a pro. Resumes are always filled with glowing superlatives, and occasionally one or two might be true, but it’s a lot better if the employer looks at your portfolio of projects and adds his own superlatives, “Wow, this guy does excellent work!”


Read the rest of the article at the link..

Ringworld teaser on Youtube..

Watch this in 720p full screen, James Cameron needs to hire this guy, he did it on his home PC..

Toles: The Other Stand Your Ground..

In 1912 the price of a top quality men's tailored suit was about the equivalent of an ounce of gold.

In 2012 the price of a top quality man's tailored suit is..

About the equivalent of an ounce of gold..

Someone who watches the markets a lot told me that today, it sounds like it may be in the ball park.


Why is Saudi Arabia buying up African farmland?


The Christian Science Monitor highlights an April report by the International Food Policy Research Institute entitled "'Land Grabbing' by Foreign Investors in Developing Countries." The report details purchases of farmland in developing countries by China, South Korea, India, and a handful of gulf states.

Saudi Arabia recently purchased 500,000 hectares of land in Tanzania and Indian companies have bought land in Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Senegal and Mozambique.

Another analysis of the "land-grabbing" trend relased in June by the U.N. Food and Agricultural Organization and two other agricultural research groups examines more closely the potential positives and negatives of the purchases.

Increased investment may bring macro-level benefits (such as GDP growth and improved government revenues), and may create opportunities for economic development and livelihood improvement in rural areas.

But as governments or markets make land available to prospecting investors, large-scale land acquisitions may result in local people losing access to the resources on which they depend for their food security – particularly as some key recipient countries are themselves faced with food security challenges.

Humble Pie + the Blackberries.... Black Coffee


Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys..

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