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Member since: Sat Mar 29, 2008, 10:11 PM
Number of posts: 45,851

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Bill Cosby - On Prejudice

If you are easily offended it might be best to avoid watching this video, also possibly not suitable for work due to language.

You are warned.

May your son the doctor introduce you to his new fiancee, Bristol Palin..

Yiddish curses for Republican Jews..


May the secretary your husband is schtupping depend on Planned Parenthood for her birth control

May you grow so rich that your widow’s second husband is thrilled they repealed the estate tax

Verizon Motorola Droid 4 ... Too many apps running, burning up bandwidth..

A neighbor and friend of mine just got the above smartphone and in a week they've nearly used up their 1 GB bandwidth for the month. Evidently there's about a dozen apps that they just can't shut off and have them stay that way, even the "app-killer" app won't do it according to them..

They know almost nothing about this phone and I'm not a smart phone owner so I don't know much either. Neighbor needs the phone for work but can't afford to run over on their data plan, any advice or tips on how to deal with this would be welcome.

PSA: If something is really full metal jacket world class stupid it's always wise to suspect snark..

This OP is in the nature of a Bemoaning..

A whole bunch of DUers got sucked in by this one.

Bravo to Chris Hill of Albury... Australia..


Fewer DUers got caught by this homegrown snark but it was a bit more obvious.


Reading Is Fundamental..

NYT: Few Voters Are Truly Up for Grabs, Research Suggests



About one-third of Americans describe themselves as independent voters, creating a widespread impression that a large group of Americans will provide the decisive swing votes in this year’s election. But that impression is misleading, polling experts and political scientists say.

Many self-described independents — close to half, according to surveys — reliably vote for one party or the other. And many true swing voters live in states, like California or Texas, where no analyst doubts the outcome in November.

In spite of clichés about Nascar dads and Walmart moms, the actual share of voters nationally who are up for grabs is probably between just 3 percent and 5 percent in this election, polling experts say. The Obama and Romney campaigns are expected to spend on the order of $2 billion, in part to try to sway this tiny share of the electorate.

“There’s a very small slice of people who are genuinely undecided, but it’s enough to win the presidency,” said Rich Beeson, the political director for Mr. Romney’s campaign.

The share of swing voters may even have declined in recent years, as many voters have become more reliably partisan. A report by the Pew Research Center found that self-identified Democrats are more liberal than in the past and self-identified Republicans are more conservative.


Read the rest of the piece at the link.

That Texas judge talking about armed revolution... Turns out he's a proud racist too..

This story is from 2009..


County Judge Tom Head defended on Friday potentially offensive posters that commissioners removed from a public bulletin board he maintained in the courthouse.

Lubbock County Commissioners removed this poster Friday from a public bulletin board maintained by County Judge Tom Head. He intended the posters, including one that contained racially stereotyped descriptions of Obama supporters, to spark conversation about modern issues, he said.

“Nobody’s ever said anything to me, personally,” Head said. “Apparently it’s performing its task now, because somebody got emotional about it.”

Commissioners removed the posters, saying the county faced bigger issues and did not need a new distraction.


Read the rest of the piece at the link.

Just got a pleasant surprise in my latest Amazon order..

I'm spiffing up my old bike bit by bit while working on yet another one, I ordered some parts from Amazon last week after some research and when I received my order I found that the most highly recommended brake pads on Amazon say "made in the USA" right there on the package. (Amazon doesn't picture the package)

Hot on the left is not right for right handed frugalists..

Lately I've been noticing the way I use water when I turn on the tap, I'm right handed and most of the time I grab the item I want to run water over with my right hand and then reach for the tap to turn the water on with my left hand.

The problem is that my left hand automatically goes for the left tap on my two knob sink and turns on the hot water even when I don't really need hot water, it's actually difficult for me to keep from automatically doing this if I'm at all distracted (pretty common for me to be lost in thought while I'm doing household chores).

Anyone else notice themselves unnecessarily using hot water just because their left hand is the one that's free to turn the tap?

Official US House of Representatives Lady Parts diagram courtesy of Todd Akin.

More frugal thrift store finds today..

There's a street with about five thrift stores in a half mile stretch in the next town over and I hit them all today..

I got a pair of white Snap-on Throttle shoes that have never even been worn as far as I can tell. Everything Snap-on is high quality (they are a professional mechanic's tool company), I had no idea they even marketed shoes, all my gearhead friends are going to be jealous. These are driving shoes but I'm going to use them for bike riding, they are like high end leather sneakers with a rather thin but stiffish sole, practically ideal for biking, they are about half a size big for me but I can live with that.


Note the wrench and bolt insignia just below the laces..

Also got a stainless steel thermos bottle in almost pristine shape, just like this one only the shoulder strap is missing but since it clips on any old clip on strap will work, it's going to be great for hot cocoa or coffee when I'm riding in the colder months..

Final find, a Honeywell oil filled radiator style electric heater in decent but not pristine shape.

These are all items I'll use personally, total spent on all three items after a little creative negotiation, $11.00.

The shoes alone are $99.50 plus tax and the heater is $89.95, the Thermos is evidently somewhere around $30-$40..

There are definitely bargains out there but you have to have a lot of self control to keep from buying a bunch of stuff you don't need and won't use, I've gotten a lot better at that over the last few years, I used to drag home all kinds of junk but now I'm a lot more selective.

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