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Member since: Sat Mar 29, 2008, 10:11 PM
Number of posts: 45,851

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Do you blame people who have fallen for insidious and incessant lying propaganda?

Trying to make sense of what's going on in the world through the squealing of the Bubbleheaded Bleachblondes in the M$M is a preposterously difficult chore, even if you can ignore the distractions the sheer volume of noise almost overwhelms the tiny signal of halfway accurate information. That's even assuming you are not overwhelmed by trying to make your way in this increasingly dystopic society we seem to be boiling down to the lowest common global denominator.

We talk here a lot about people who vote against their own best interests, I think in a lot of cases these are people who have naively fallen for propaganda that never stops, comes from all directions and is carefully tweaked to play on their fears and their prejudices.

Honestly I often feel more sorry for them than anything else, almost like those poor deluded people at Jonestown or Heaven's Gate. My attitude has changed completely from six years ago, then I was angry at them but now I walk away gently shaking my head after talking to them.

It's not like I have a lot of wealthy connections, everyone I know is struggling to get by but I can depend on running into someone who's about two paychecks from utter disaster but will nonetheless regurgitate 1% talking points straight from the M$M with almost no prompting on my part.

Melanin deficit disorder doesn't make you actively stupid most of the time but it sure is a juicy target for cunning propagandists.

SNAP recipients doubled in 254 counties from 2007 to 2011, Romney won in 213 of them


As the U.S. economy recovers from the worst recession since the Great Depression, the explosive growth of food stamps remains a lingering legacy. And now the program comes with an irony, as the Republicans seeking to cut it also represent vast numbers of recipients.

Among the 254 counties where food stamp recipients doubled between 2007 and 2011, Republican Mitt Romney won 213 of them in last year’s presidential election, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture data compiled by Bloomberg. Kentucky’s Owsley County, which backed Romney with 81 percent of its vote, has the largest proportion of food stamp recipients among those that he carried.

. . .

More than half of the Owsley County’s population -- 52 percent -- received food stamps in 2011, the most recent yearly number available. The county, which in 2012 was 97.6 percent non-Hispanic white and had 4,722 residents, had a median household income of $19,344, well below the Kentucky median of $42,248 and the $52,762 figure nationally, U.S. census data shows. Roughly four in 10 residents live below the poverty line.

So I taught my neighbor what "Open the pod bay doors Hal" means..

It came up a while back during a BS session that he had no idea what the line meant and had never seen 2001. So I showed the scene on Youtube and gave him a bit of the setup, mad computer won't let guy without helmet back in the ship, now he's seeing that line everywhere (on the economics blogs of all places) and comes and cackles to me about it.

He didn't know about the Ripley Maneuver either so we discussed that too.

I love educating the public about SF.

Today in Security State Stupidity: The Undercover Cop Who Tweets About Being a Cop


My friend Mike Elk has a story so head-spinning and pathetic that it must be enjoyed in one long read. D.C. labor activists suspected that plainclothes cops were infiltrating protests. Jeffrey Light and Sean Canavan, lawyers with United Students Against Sweatshops, wondered about the identity of a woman who kept showing up at protests but no other organizing meetings. They eventually figured out that the woman was a cop, Nicole Rizzi.

They figured this out because she wrote about her work, online.

A post on Rizzi’s since-deleted Tumblr account seemed to indicate that Rizzi worked undercover. In response to a post from a reader asking her how flexible her dress code was as a police officer, Rizzi said she wore “ordinary clothes,” but made a distinction between her position and that of a “plainclothes” patrol cop: “In the position I’m in, it’s beneficial to wear ordinary clothes. Plainclothes assignments too, you wear what would blend in." ... Light and Canavan dug up evidence that Rizzi was a police officer, including a photograph posted on yfrog of Rizzi pointing out a typo on a piece of mail addressed to the "DC Metropolation [sic] Police Department." Rizzi's finger partially covers up the address line, but it appears to read "Director, Intelligence Branch."

In another era, I'm sure Elk et al would have been dogged enough to dig this out. In the age of social media, Rizzi left not just bread crumbs but warm, freshly baked baguettes. It's another example of something that makes the usual snooping work of government tougher and tougher: The Internet is here, and it can make you look ridiculous.



The practice of sifting through the comments of blogs, email threads, discussion groups and other user generated content in an attempt find choice quotes proving that the advocates for or against a particular political opinion are unreasonable, uninformed extremists.

I, Troll

I found this a few years back on Salon, it was written as a post to their feeback letters by a poster named Little Brother, this is a repost since I put it up in GD in 2009.

I have no talent for critical thinking; I am wholly incapable of discerning facts, presenting a coherent viewpoint incorporating salient facts, or mastering even the barest rudiments of logical argument.

My "perspective", such as it is, is a myopic hodge-podge of legacy reactionary bumper-sticker clichés coeval with coprolites, drowned in the greasy gravy of corporate media-manufactured neocon wingnut talking points.

I have a formidable capacity for intolerance, unreasoning contempt, and leaden snark. I believe that my country is the strongest and greatest country in the world, and that perforce its policies and conduct, domestically and internationally, is always Right-- because Might Makes Right, of course. What world are you living in?

I despise those who challenge this view, or seek to erode and dislodge the keystone of unreasoning Zealous Patriotic Faith that supports the soul of the Greatest Country in the World, the U S of A, in its never-ending battle against the Forces of Evil, i.e. Everybody Else (except Israel and the other members of Our Hegemony).

In my world, crass name-calling, snide caricatures, and poorly-crafted personal put-downs and cheap shots are recognized as legitimate tactics in making points and winning arguments-- because, lacking intellectual acumen, depth, sophistication, and discernment, these clumsy skills are all we've got.

The proof of their efficacy can be seen in the applause and attaboys frequently expressed by my Troll Brethren in these comments; they confirm that I effortlessly steamroller over the pathetic and treacherous sedition disseminated on sites like this.

Cognitive dissonance is my friend; it keeps me strong and indomitable.

Little Brother

Best bang for buck in a laptop around $350?

A neighbor asked me about a laptop for his daughter who starts HS this fall, he wants to spend around $350 plus or minus $50.

Thought I would pass the question on to my favorite computer forum.

Any really amazing deals out there?

Humans of Tehran: Hipsters, thrashers and parkour



Photographer Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York project, which has spawned “Humans of” pages in many other locales – Dublin, Mumbai, Jerusalem and the Fiji Islands to name a few – began in 2010. Stanton had just left a career in the Chicago financial industry to move to New York, where he began walking around the city, taking street portraits.

At this time, Souciant contributor Shirin Barghi had just begun attending New York University to pursue a journalism career in the US. Shirin, who grew up in Tehran and worked as a journalist there until she came to the US, mulled over the idea of starting a Humans of Tehran in the winter of 2011 while she was back in Tehran to attend her father’s funeral.

“I wanted to do something similar to Humans of New York, and at the time I thought this would be a very good project for me take my mind off things,” Shirin told me in a Skype interview. “The image people have of Iran is so demonized and divorced from the reality of the people there that I thought this sort of project is a really good way of showing normal people in Tehran.”

She decided to formally begin the project, billed as “a pictorial glimpse into the daily lives of Iranians in their beloved dusty rusty Tehran” on Facebook, with just herself and her Canon EOS 450D.

I've been looking at the log on my wifi router

It will show month by month the daily bandwidth use since I first initiated it and who has been logging on.

I can see in the bandwidth when the grandkids are here with their handheld devices

Some of those things never seem to stop sucking bandwidth off the wifi even when they are apparently and supposedly not doing anything, I'm talking about youtube video levels of bandwidth.

You may be ambassador to England or France

But Tommy Castro and Bob Dylan say you gotta serve somebody.

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