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Member since: Sat Mar 29, 2008, 10:11 PM
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Two Delta Aquarid meteors from early morning July 27

So I picked up a Canon Elph 300 HS at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago and I've been playing with it a bit, it's a tiny thing smaller than a deck of cards but it has a wide angle 24mm equivalent f2.7 lens that's sharper than I would have thought for such a dinky little camera.

One of my obsessions is the night sky and it came to me that the 300 HS with its rather fast wide angle lens and high-ish sensitivity might be good for capturing meteor trails. I've downloaded and installed CHDK firmware (Canon Hacker Development Kit) on the camera and set it up to shoot 30 second exposures at ISO 1600 (max is 3200 on this Elph) continuously onto a 16gb SD card and then pointed it at the night sky now for several nights when it looked like there might be some clear sky. Last night the effort paid off with the clearest night yet and among the half dozen satellites and three planes in the 500 or so frames between 1 AM and 6 AM I also got two decent meteor trails, the first at 2:58 AM and the second at 5:03 AM. Both shots are cropped fairly severely, if I put up the full frames you'd barely be able to see the meteor trail by the time it shrunk down to DU size.

Gary Clark Jr: Nextdoor Neighbor Blues & If Trouble Was Money

Bird on a wire (updated with new image)

This Hawk was out calling to its mate this morning, I could hear the other hawk responding but couldn't see it. I've seen them around from time to time and hear them quite often, this the first time I've had the camera to hand in quite a while though.

Vivitar 300/5.6 @ f8 Sony NEX C3 1/1600 @ISO 1600

ETA: Since so many liked the Hawk pics I found one more salvageable image on my card and worked on it last night, I'm putting it first.

Thanks for all the positive comments and recs, I appreciate it.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott: "Marriage was defined by God, no man can redefine it"

Schroedingers cat: Greek kitteh has an answer for the Troika


Putting the Greek debt in perspective

Greece has a total debt of about $350 billion.


To put that number in perspective it is about 23% of the estimated program cost of the F35 that cannot fly in rain, gets outfought by an F16 and costs approximately $1.5 trillion over the life of the plane, almost certainly a conservative estimate given the history of military contracting in the US.

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