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Member since: Sat Mar 29, 2008, 09:11 PM
Number of posts: 45,851

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I loaned an old 5 megapixel Lumix point n' shoot to a friend for a while

She is utterly clueless about cameras or anything technological but has an excellent eye I think, here are some choice shots off the card.

Rock the Casbah

Almost every nice weekend I go with a friend or three to the local Casbah, the Flea Market. This was the nicest day we've had in months let alone on a weekend and the Casbah was rocking this Saturday afternoon.

I picked up a couple of old SLR cameras today, one Pentax with a nice 50mm f1.7 SMC Takumar-A and a Yashica with a modest Yashinon zoom, both lenses in very good useable shape. I find collectable camera stuff about every third or fourth weekend, no one else seems to be looking for that sort of thing so I get really good deals. My kitchen, shop and wardrobe are largely filled with items I have picked up at the Casbah.

On one end of the Casbah we have the Authentic Mexican Taqueria/Carniceria and on the other there is a Soul Food barbecue grill (which I managed to miss getting a picture of), in between is the oddest collection of stuff.. About half the people you see in the pictures are the dealers I have considered my friends for years and the rest are random shoppers.

Dr MLK Jr: We are coming to get our check

I haven't heard this before, powerful truth.

Q: You don't buy the party unity argument?

A: I don't..

At 0:35

Government can't do anything right

Government can't even run a decent email system in one of the most critical government agencies, the State Department.

Because rules and regulations and bureaucratic infighting.

It's a little odd to see DUers celebrating and trumpeting this fact but I guess that's just another dive down the DU rabbit hole.

I'll take famous Luddites for $500, Alex.

MAXXUM self portrait

This is a lens I picked up Saturday in a camera bag of stuff at the flea market and I was taking a picture to put it up to trade for something I can use and I got stuck looking at the colors in the reflection. I still haven't figured out where the green patch came from.

NEX C3 with kit lens @ 55mm, off camera radio controlled flash bounced off the ceiling at five o'clock, directly under a skylight with a window at the top and a warm white fluorescent bouncing off ceiling top left, daylight white balance.

The father of lies

Ol' Bill has put himself in a lot of really horrible situations, it's where he wanted to be and who he wants to be, watching other people die horribly is cool, something to brag about.

61 years ago today: Those Who Witnessed Castle Bravo Looked Into Armageddon


Zero hour for Bravo was at 6:45 a.m. local time on March 1. From the moment the device detonated, many of the observers knew something had gone spectacularly wrong.

The flash from the nuclear explosion was overwhelming, even by the standards of nuclear explosions. Men saw their bones appear as shadows through their living flesh. Streams of blinding light shone through the smallest cracks and pinholes in secured doors and hatches.

Bravo’s thermal radiation was far more intense than expected. More than 30 miles away from Ground Zero on Bikini Atoll, sailors on board Navy ships said the heat was like having a blowtorch applied to their bodies.

The shock wave destroyed buildings supposedly outside of the calculated damage zone. It nearly knocked observation aircraft out of the sky, and caused some men inadvertently trapped in a forward observation bunker to wonder if the explosion ripped their concrete and steel shelter from its foundations and flung it into the sea.


This is from a few evenings ago as the Moon was setting. NEX C3 on a tripod with the 18-55 kit lens @ 18mm and all manual settings including focus, f3.5 ISO 6400 and two seconds exposure. Lots of stars in the original 16 mp shot but it took quite a bit of processing to get them to show in something that can be squeezed onto DU.

And here is what astrometry dot net says is in the picture.


Shot some birds flying into the feeder today, I don't have an autofocus telephoto so I prefocused to one side of the feeder and took a lot of shots trying to get them as they flew in. Out of about 200 shots or so I got these I like. It was getting late in the day and the light was starting to fade for the last three shots.

Sony NEX C3 with an adapted Yashinon 200mm f4 @f8 ISO 3200 and 1/1250 sec..

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