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Member since: Sat Mar 29, 2008, 09:11 PM
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"Well, you should have spoken up"

That's what will be said about ten nanoseconds after Sanders fails to get on the ballot in New Hampshire due to his supporters following instructions to calm down and relax since Sanders PROBABLY WILL get on the ballot.

If a week is an eternity in politics?

Then how long is three months?

It ain't over til it's over.

Will gun control be as big an issue in the general as it is becoming in the Dem primary?

I tend to think we'll hear almost nothing about gun control in the general except of course in a negative manner from Republicans but I'm interested in what DU thinks about it.

My neighbor had hip replacement surgery a week ago, I went over to keep him company a bit today

So we were sitting there with the TV on but down low and discussing a pile of books he had on his coffee table for entertainment while he's laid up, his wife was in their computer room with the door closed talking on the phone with one of her friends when I hear her hollering "I'M FEELING THE BERN!". The husband looks at me funny and kind of wonders out loud what the hell that was about and before I could answer he says Bernie Sanders and I nodded.

Now this is a sixty one year old white woman in the deep south who I was positive would vote Hillary because she's a nurse and pro choice largely because of what she's seen. I was actually surprised she even knows who Sanders is then I realized she watches Ellen and spends a lot of time on Facebook.

Yeah, I know, anecdata but it brightened my whole day.

Why have Democrats enthusiastically disenfranchised their most loyal voting bloc?

The statistics are damning...


According to US Bureau of Justice statistics, between 1980 and 2013, while blacks were 12% of the population, blacks constituted 30% of those arrested for drug law violations and nearly 40% of those incarcerated in all U.S. prisons. Thus some 20,000,000 African-American men have been sent to prison for non-violent “crimes” in the past forty years.

And the Democratic establishment has cheered the drug war, voted for it and made it their own.

Imagine what twenty million more votes for the Democratic party would have accomplished politically, why would any political party want to throw away that sort of voting base?

All for what turns out to be a "big lie" based almost entirely on racism.

One of the reasons I prefer Bernie is that he, unlike the vast majority of Democratic office holders, is not a drug warrior, he wants to end the insanity of the drug war not for political gain but because it's the right thing to do.

Tom Tomorrow weighs in on the primaries

Religion group posts last 30 days 2714, Interfaith group posts last 30 days 11

What's the difference between the Religion group and the Interfaith group? Very little except no negative posts are allowed in the Interfaith group.

If you want GD-P to have as few posts as the Interfaith group just put in a rule that no negative posts are allowed.

Politics is about compromise between conflicting points of view, conflicting agendas, if conflict is not allowed then compromise will never be reached.

TNN: Dispassionate observers charge Sanders campaign with triangulating against Hillary Clinton

Tardis Network News; Nov 18, 2015.

Dispassionate observers today charged the Sanders campaign with changing their positions constantly in a pathetic and fundamentally dishonest attempt to be as close as possible to the overwhelming favorite Hillary Clinton. In an exclusive interview with TNN an unnamed dispassionate observer pointed out that six months ago Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were far apart on policy and today they are in almost the same place while Clinton has maintained a solid lead the entire time.

Cynically manipulating policy in order to get closer to the obvious front runner is a serious charge indeed and our panel of Very Serious and Very Dispassionate People has concluded that from a purely objective point of view Bernie Sanders is a Rovian character, a morally depraved liar who is too stupid to be President.

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TNN: We keep our nose in the air our finger to the wind our eye on the ball and our ear to the ground to give you a leg up on staying abreast of what's afoot.

End Times Productions Presents: You Picked a Fine Time to be a Dumb Ass

TNN: Hillary Clinton has a pretty revolutionary idea to change America’s post offices

Tardis Network News; Nov 12, 2015.

Americans don't spend nearly as much time at post offices as they used to, but that's not only because postcards are being replaced by Evites. For more than half a century, from 1911 until 1967, the Postal Service also served as a bank. Customers could walk down the street to the post office with their money and deposit it in a savings account there.

The system made sense back in those days, when the country was more sparsely populated and banks were harder to find, but post offices were everywhere. Over the past 50 years, though, the total number of bank branches in the United States increased from 16,000 to 83,000. What's more, people visit the bank less frequently these days, given the ubiquity of credit cards and direct deposit.

Still, there are still relatively few banks in many impoverished urban and rural neighborhoods, and Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-Inevitable), the candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, has a big idea for turning post offices back into banks. That's because she sees them as a place where the 68 million low-income Americans who currently rely on payday lenders and costly cash checking services could manage their affairs less expensively. (And banking might help the beleaguered Postal Service's bottom line as well.)

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We keep our nose in the air our finger to the wind our eye on the ball and our ear to the ground to give you a leg up on staying abreast of what's afoot.
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