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This gave me a chuckle, I wonder what the offspring will look like? Mowstangs?

History often turns on small things, there's a famous proverb about for the want of a nail

Ever since Hillary lost the nomination to Obama in 2008 I have thought that the one single thing she could have done differently in her career that would have reversed that loss was to oppose giving George W Bush authority to invade Iraq.

The majority of elected Democrats in Congress voted against the IWR, if Hillary had joined the majority of the Democrats in that time of need in my opinion we would be finishing up the second term of the HRC administration, Clinton II Corporate Boogaloo, which would have been somewhat similar to the Obama administration but with a more muscular foreign policy and a less hostile and oppressive attitude toward big business.

Ironic that a vote made most likely out of political calculation should backfire so badly on someone. Who could possibly have known that Bush and Cheney would screw up so badly in Iraq and create a quagmire?

Jupiter last night, Mars this morning

I've been doing my photography stuff on an an astronomy oriented board but I thought y'all here might like to see my latest efforts, this is the best I've done so far and it's taken some time to get here. Had an evening and morning of tolerable to fair seeing and so so clarity which is about as good as it gets here and decided to try my latest planetary setup, 1050mm FL 95mm dia Maksutov Cassegrain with an ASI120MC camera (basically a higher end webcam made for astronomy) and a 26mm Erfle eyepiece set up for magnified projection onto the CMOS chip, each shot is the "best" 4,500 of 5,000 frames of video, aligned, stacked and sharpened in software. If you are interested in details I'll be glad to share more.

I actually have 25,000 frames of each planet but I'm going to have to combine the files and then run it with a clean boot on my computer when I'm either asleep or gone or it will crash, results should be a bit better than this with that many more frames.

Looking at the original video and then what I get out of it I'm nearly shocked at how good the results are, it's almost impossible to see anything at all in the Mars Video and the Jupiter one you can tell it has two dark belts but that's about it..

I think my rig is probably capable of about twice as good as this if I perfect my technique and manage to find those rare moments when clarity and seeing are both good to make the image captures.

Sanders has never had a "Demon Sheep" commercial run against him

Can you imagine the impact of a go-for-the-jugular commercial like this on the delicate flower of Bernie Sanders?


"Are you sure Bernie won Indiana? I'm not seeing any headlines on Yahoo about it."

A remark my neighbor made this morning strikes me a bit after logging onto DU today and reading the thread titles in GD-P.

We are both old enough not to sleep a lot and we get together a couple of times a week at about five am for coffee and a bullshit session before he leaves for work at six. He's not particularly interested in politics but like me isn't a TV watcher of any note and gets his news from the internet.

He talks finance which I'm mostly clueless about, I talk politics which he is pretty clueless about and we both learn something and get a fresh perspective on our own area of interest.

So I mentioned fairly early that Bernie had won Indiana and we chatted about politics for a moment or two and then moved on to other subjects. After the coffee was brewed and poured we sat down in his study and he booted his computer while we continued to talk. He logged into Yahoo where his email defaults to and after looking at their news for a couple of minutes on his very large screen and talking about a couple of different stories regarding Trump and Cruz he said "Are you sure Bernie won Indiana? I'm not seeing any headlines on Yahoo about it."

I didn't really think much of it at the moment beyond the "So what else is new?" shrug I had shared with him at that moment.

People are noticing the media aversion to positive stories about Bernie, people who aren't paying that close attention to politics as some of us do here.

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