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"The People of Ferguson Have the Power to Fire the Entire Police Force"

According to this article, Ferguson can recall their elected officials. It describes how that right makes it possible to fire the police.

The People of Ferguson Have the Power To FIRE the ENTIRE POLICE FORCE

Although Missouri does not have statewide recall provisions under the law, there are provisions for doing so at the local level.

Missourians do not have the right of statewide recall. However, the right of local recall is available in:

Cities defined as Class 3 cities. A Class 3 City is defined as a city with a population between 3,000 and 29,999.

Cities that operate under their own city charter, if the specific city charter allows for recall.

The recall process that applies to Class 3 cities in Missouri is governed by MRS 77.650 and 78.260.


Recall may not commence during first 6 months in office

Grounds for recall must be stated, and must include misconduct in office, incompetence, and failure to perform duties prescribed by law.

60 days is allowed for collecting signatures.

Signatures equal to 25% of the registered voters in the city must be collected.

That seems possible, to get enough signatures over the next three months to begin the process.

The issue of the nearly all white police force is not one without an ability to correct. This is not some issue where the people have no power. In fact, this is a completely political issue and as DailyKos has aptly demonstrated for more than a decade, any political problem has a political solution.

Given the demographics of Ferguson, the people have the power to fire the entire city council, the mayor, the city manager, the chief of police, and to replace them with officers more capable who will fire the entire police force and replace them with individuals interested in serving and protecting the citizenry of Ferguson.

This process can be accomplished entirely within a period of just over six months.

With a population of about 21,135, Ferguson is a Class 3 city. We must now turn to the Ferguson charter for more information.

First, let's examine the governing body of Ferguson:

It's worth reading the entire article to see the process whereby the people of Ferguson can replace those officials and their appointees, such as the Police Chief, legally.

It's a long process and would require a lot of legal expertise, but I imagine that would not be hard to find at this particular time.

Just starting the process should scare them enough to start acting like they represent the people they are supposed to represent.

If ever there was a time to begin turning the tables, now seems to be that time.

More details at the link.

'There is a tide in the affairs of men, which, taken at the flood leads on to greatness ~ William Shakespeare

This may be that tide for Ferguson ....

David Gregory V Glenn Greenwald - Who is the journalist? A trip down memory lane ...

Glenn Greenwald eviscerated David Gregory in that MTP interview.

And DUers as usual had no problem with the question 'who is the real journalist here':


After the backlash Gregory received from all over the political spectrum, MTP decided not to match up the actual jouralist with the fake journalist a second time. Something which disappointed Greenwald, something he says, 'I was looking forward to'. I wonder was it Gregory himself who asked that he not be put through another session with a real journalist, or MTP's fear of another such embarrassing eviceration of their MTP Host:

Glenn Greenwald Was 'Looking Forward' To Another David Gregory Interview

The Guardian columnist is scheduled to be on "Meet the Press" Sunday to discuss his new book, the first time he will return to the program since his controversial interview last June, in which David Gregory wondered if he should be "charged with a crime" for working with NSA leaker Edward Snowden.

Greenwald responded to Gregory during the interview that it was "pretty extraordinary that anybody who would call themselves a journalist would publicly muse about whether or not other journalists should be charged with felonies."

But Greenwald recently found out that Sunday's interview will not be with David Gregory, but with Pete Williams instead.

"That was really disappointing," Greenwald said on HuffPost Live Friday. "I was really looking forward to part 2 of my interview by David Gregory and to see what his approach was."

Gregory may be gone, but his replacement won't be much better. I remember him from the Bush days and his mocking of Dems like Rep. Conyers.

Maybe he too will try to take on Greenwald? Or maybe not ..

Palestinians Have a Right to Defend Themselves!

I just wanted to point that out. Because I have listened to our elected officials and I may be wrong, I could have missed it, but I hear them say, correctly, that Israelis have a right to defend themselves.

Then I wait to hear them say that Palestinians also have a right to defend themselves but I never hear that.

So I wanted to say it because I believe everyone has a right to defend themselves.

If any of our elected officials have said it and I missed it, then someone can correct me and I will be happy to hear it.
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