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Justice wanted

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Am I being too hard on myself or should I give up completely?

I've always love to write. In college I started writing a story just as a stupid challenge and it seemed serveral people enjoyed it-at least that is what I'm told.

The problem is I have a learning disability. I have always struggled with grammar and I can come up with ideas and dialog and all BUT when it comes to making it look right and correct I think that is my biggest failure.

I don't expect to become Steven King or anything like that. My only goal really is just to see ONE thing I've written published.

My husband has encourage me to a least try and publish something now that I am between jobs. I have been looking for a job but with the market being what it is -it may take some time.

A so call friend-distant relative said I should give up the idea all together. That I'm just waisting my time and shouldn't even waste time writing as a hobby let alone ever thinking I could get something published.

This person saw something I was working on. It is a story for young adults/teenagers and it just kind of has been coming to me.

This is the page as my friend saw it mistakes and all. I hadn't even thought about correcting it. the idea was just to get the story out first on page/computer.

Is the Grammar and story idea really that bad?

Edit: Notice the paragraphs aren't indented like they are in the word document.

“My life is completely over”! Hannah Cantu groaned
as she watched her best friend, Amelia Abney, step off the grey city bus onto the sidewalk beside her.
“Maybe they will forget about it by Monday”? Amelia suggested in but the doubt could be heard in her voice. She pushed her long dark brown hair off of her face which was blown forward as the bus pulled passed the curb and down the main road.
“Forget about it”! Hannah repeated annoyed by Amelia suggestion. Her chestnut brown eyes rolled upward. “Do you realized that in my business math class there are five varsity cheerleaders six football players five basketball players and three other people who are just popular and they all want to kill me”.
Amelia nodded understanding the situation her best friend was facing. “You had no control what Mr. Maxwell did,” she reminded Hannah. “You didn’t go to Mr. Maxwell and tell him everyone was copying your homework and they shouldn’t have been doing it in the first place”. Amelia words became slow as her dark brown eyes noticed a black Toyota Camry pulling along side the curb.

Posted by Justice wanted | Sat Mar 24, 2012, 02:57 AM (15 replies)
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