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Member since: Sat Apr 12, 2008, 03:28 PM
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There are, of course, lunatics--some of whom probably consider themselves Democrats--

who say "fucking disgusting", revoltingly misogynistic "rampant sophistry" like:

"I'm carrying his baby..."

"They had to do surgery on my baby at 6 months, but she was born healthy..."

"I lost my baby and miscarried due to complications..."

"My baby kicks during the night and wakes me up..."

and the like.

These woman hating right wing extremists don't seem to understand that that's not a baby until the last portion of its body exits the birth canal, at which instant it becomes a human being.

Anyone, anywhere who dares deny that that the pregnancy can be terminated up until the last millimeter of the fetus clears the birth canal and it is transformed into a human being is beyond the pale. Anyone who claims humanity for a fetus whose foot hasn't fully cleared the birth canal is a lunatic.
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