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Member since: Thu May 8, 2008, 03:38 PM
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Two Words: Wrong and Republican

I am dissabpointed in Obama's performance. I somewhat understand the desire to appear presidential and not directly attack Romney with the 47% lines and attacks on Bain. They are personal attacks. Deserved but personal.

However, it is somewhat amazing that the debate preparation didnt tell Obama to wrap Romney in the cloak of being a Republican. The most unpopular political group in America right now is the Republican congress. He can attack Republican ideas and policies and tell the American people that Romney is a Republican without looking like he is personally attacking. It is clear that the Republican Brand is not a great identifier coming off the Conventions. Romney can not score similar points by labeling Obama as a democrat.

Second, he has to use the word "wrong" in referring to the differences between Romney and his policies. He cant say "he believe that such policies are not the best way to give us jobs. He has to say Republican policies are "wrong" and use that word often. No matter how much Romney lies and switchs, Obama can say we have used Republican ideas before and they have been proved through history to be "wrong".

My own staged line for this debate would be to connect historically each time through American history we have tried Republican Ideas they have led to great or lesser depressions and economic crises and I would have those debates. The punch line could easily be that old great chesnut: "Insanity is trying something 20 times and expecting a different result the 21st."

Anyhow, I blame Obama's prep team for not coaching Obama to use the word republican and identify Romney as a Republican and not to call Romney's policies directly "wrong". Neither of these would stop Obama from looking presidential.

I hope that the preparation for the rest of the debates goes better.

Republicans have Theories, Democrats have Facts

Been following the last few weeks with a growing sense that possibly people are seeing through Republican Propaganda. I thought of a good way of expressing the problem with Republican propaganda that might resonate with voters.

Politically, I am much further left of Obama and am somewhat disappointed in his economic approaches. I think of him as attempting to fix a totally broken system rather than actually changing the system.

Regardless of my disappointment with weak democratic solutions to societal problems, they usually have the right goals. On the other hand Republican goals and solutions are almost never right. I think the population of the US might be ready to hear that message. One of the most effective parts of the Democratic Convention was Clinton's speech. Like my feelings about Obama, I have mixed opinions on his term of office, but felt his speech was great.

I wanted to focus in this thread on the part that I felt was most effective. He focused on the fact that if you take the last 50 years, the country has created more jobs under Democratic administrations then under Republican administrations. In fact, this is true for almost all economic and societal statistics. We do better on average under Democratic politicians.

These are pure facts and bring me to Romney and Ryan and the problems Republicans have with assertions and fact checking. Democrats should claim the word "fact" just as Republican's have tried to claim the word "values" over the past few decades. Republican rhetoric rejecting "fact checking" combined with the "fact" that we really do have all the economic facts on our side, have given us this opening.

To sign off: "Republicans have Theories, Democrats have facts."

Akin was right (sarcastic response)

The female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down if they are raped.

A women's body includes legs and women can use those legs to walk to the nearest Planned Parenthood office to get real advice and services.
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