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Colgate 64

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Member since: Tue Jun 17, 2008, 02:38 PM
Number of posts: 14,537

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To the kind DU'er who unexpectedly gave me a heart

THANK YOU! I'm not sure it's deserved but it certainly is appreciated!

Q: What's the difference between a garbanzo and a Chick Pea?

A: Trump never had a garbanzo on his bed (Drum roll)

For the President's Counsel:

Isn't it true that, in spite of all the nasty, petty, mean and totally false things the Democrats say that Donald John Trump is the smartest, handsomest, wisest, stablest and most awesome genius the United States has ever produced?


How long will it be before one (or more) of our inspiring Republican Senators actually formulates a question like this?


After today's pathetic performance by Moscow Mitch and his crew of Flying Monkeys someone ought to write a book titled "Profiles in Cowardice". The first chapters could feature such exemplary Senators as Mitt (I REALLY want to be President) Romney, Susan (I'm Concerned) Collins, Lisa (I'm a Renegade except when I'm not) Murkowski and Rand (I'm against anything everyone else is for) Paul, followed by a stunning cast of some 49 other mediocrities. It would make for interesting reading, provided that you could get through it without injuring yourself by repeated projectile vomiting.

Heck of a job, Trumpy

You blithering, self-centered delusional ignorant excuse for a "leader". You have single-handedly managed to set off a huge conflagration in the tinderbpx of the Middle East all by your own little self. Fux News will be so proud of you. You flaming asshole.

Barf! I had forgtten what a slimy little puke Chuckie Todd is.

Watching him prance and preen on Press the Meat today made we want to throw the nearest hard object right through the fucking TV screen. What an insufferable little dork he is. How in God's name did he get the job and, more importantly how in hell does he keep it???

It's no mystery to me why Barr has dropped his disguise

and is now unashamedly pimping for Trump.

Barr, among his many other failings happens to be the Roman Catholic equivalent of the worst of the RW fundie evangelists. Barr, an Opus Dei stalwart is convinced that the enemy (i.e. we the Democrats) are forcing the 'secularization' of the United States, a view which he finds totally abhorrent. To remedy this Barr is prepared, just like his fundie counterparts, to ride the Trump pony so long as doing so gets him closer to his goal of a quasi-religious state. I don't know if it's a sign of desperation or a sign of increaed confidence that Barr feels it necessary to maneuver the Ukraine fantasy to affect the coming presidential elections but in either case he has dropped all pretense now. Along with his hand-picked US attorney he is preparing the release of the "real" report on the Ukraine scandal wherein the FBI is full of nefarious deep staters dreaming only of removing President Trump by coup and which clearly demonstrates that Ukraine, not our Russian allies and friends messed with the 2016 election. This will be released in Spring/Summer of 2020, just at the right time to muddy not only our candidate but also confuse the general public. I don't know if Durham's motivation is relisious or simply the promise of a federal judgeship but he's also willing to sacrifice his otherwise sterling reputation in the service of Trump and Barr's lies.

If brains were gunpowder

Louie Gohmert couldn't blow his nose.

"Arms for Dirt"

Heard that description of Trump's little Ukraine adventure last night from a Republican (non-Trumpist) Consultant and thought that it was brilliant. It captures the essence of what Trump was up to without the need for more explanation and is reasonably understandable by even the most intractable Deplorable. Like them or not, the Rethugs have a huge headstart in go-for-the-jugular consultants and I'm not averse to taking this freebie and running with it. I believe "Arms for Dirt" should be emplazoned on every web site and repeated ad nauseam on every liberal-leaning TV show from now until the impeachment trial.

"President Ignoramus Q. Shiteater"

The Rude Pundit's newest a/k/a for pResident (try not to gag as you say it) Trump. IMHO this deserves some kind of an award!!
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