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Member since: Tue Jun 17, 2008, 02:38 PM
Number of posts: 13,857

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This isn't a case of "don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining"

No - it's a case of "We're going to piss in your face and you'll goddamned well like it. Get over it. We won." Courtesy of the most incredible collection of troglodytes and knuckle-dragging evolutionary throwbacks that has ever profaned the halls of what used to be called the United States Congress. Why, it's almost enough to make little Jimmy Comey slightly nauseaous.

No. I'm not pissed. I'm fucking batshit white-hot raging, burning like that of 1000 suns at all these little weasels and the mess of Deplorables that foisted them on us.

Maduro propped up by armed gangs

The ever-growing popular demonstrations against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro are now being attacked by armed gangs (colectivos) created by the government. They are increasingly using firearms to disperse the demonstrations with the resulting casualties and now, even fatalities.

Maduro knows he's swirling the bowl and will now resort to any means at his disposal to avoid the inevitable. Democracy, Bolivarian Revolution style.


If you ever doubted that Trump couldn't care less about what he does

Source: "Hardball", Chris Matthews, MSNBC today 3/29/17

If for whatever strange reason you thought that Trump may have possessed a millimeter of interest for his job, and the people he was elected to govern, prepare to be disabused once and for all. Discussing the Trumpcare fiasco Jeremy Peters, a reporter for the New York Times on MSNBC's "Hardball" this evening reported that Trump, watching Trumpcare go down the tubes was so desperate for some deal, ANY deal that he is quoted as having said: "I don't care what's in it. I want a ceremony".

Read more: Link to source

The only thing that exceeds this idiot's lack of interest in any facet of his job is his undying need for adulation.

Chuck Toad on Press the Meat right now

Source: MSNBC

Chuck Toad on Press the Meat right now badgering Senator Debbie Stabenow about why the nasty Democrats won't bring the Rethug's S.C. nominee to the floor for an up or down vote. "Two wrongs don't make a right, Senator".

Read more: Link to source

Toad is an asshole.

How can you tell when Drumpf and his cabinet are lying?

When their lips move.

Trump's Inaugural address in synthesis:


WTF???!!! Rachel is falling all over herself,

giving Greta Van Sustern a tongue bath right now on Rachel's show. Is Rachel afraid that she's about to lose her (Rachel's) job given that MSNBC continues its full-bore charge to become another RW source? It's beyond embarrassing to watch Rachel proclaim her undying friendship for Van Sustern with her the best thing that's happened to TV commentary since Edward R. Murrow.

I know exactly when Trump is going to release the details

of his plan to deal with his problems of conflict of interest and/or nepotism.

Right after he releases his tax returns.

Need some DU help for a lost posting

Yesterday (12/9) a great DUer posted a link to an app that replaces photos of the Petulant-elect with photos of kittens. Unfortunately for me, I forgot to bookmark it. Could someone point me to it?
Many thanks!!!

Not only did Trump discuss his business with Argentine President -

Ivanka was also on the call! Well, we now know who the Vice-President is: Ivanka Trump. Pence can go hand out towels in the White House Mens' Room.

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