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Colgate 64

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Member since: Tue Jun 17, 2008, 02:38 PM
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With the critics howling for Cuomo's head

and Democrats in Albany calling for his impeachment, how long will it take for the Repukes and their media hack echo chamber to resurrect the Loonie that claimed Biden touched her neck (or whatever - the story changed so much that any new version will work)?

Thank you so much for the latest heart!

I can't begin to tell you how very much I appreciate such a nice gesture. Thanks again!

Another heart! Thanks so much to the kind DUer

for this unexpected gesture. I'm not at all convinced that I deserve it but nonetheless sincerely appreciate it! Thank you very much!

Thank you so much! to the kind DUer

who gave me another heart. This kind gesture is sincerely appreciated. Thank you!

Thanks to another kind DUer who gave me a heart!

This is most sincerely appreciated. Thank you for your thoughtfulness!

Many thanks to the kind DUer who gave me a heart!

I'm not sure it's deserved but it certainly is very appreciated! Thank you!

Trump's xenophobia effects, large and small

Trump's patented xenophobia was no secret, nor was his penchant for following wannabe SS Officer Steven Miller's anti-immigrant hot flashes. But I just got a glimpse at how far down the pecking order that attitude has gone and is affecting routine government functions.

A little over 5 years ago TSA began offering the "Pre-Check" program, which meant that upon completing an application, having a personal interview with TSA and paying an $85 fee you could get a Pre-Check number which would permit you to skip some of the more burdensome requirements in the Security Line at the airport. Since my wife and I travel extensively both for business and pleasure we decided to apply for it. It has proven to be worth every dime.

Fast forward to now. We both received e-mails informing us that the original 5-year period for our Pre-Check status would soon expire, inviting us to renew for another 5 years. I completed a very short application. Since my application and my wifes' were different by a few days I sent mine in first. It was approved within a day.

I now went to renew my wife's status . She was born overseas but has been a U.S. citizen since 1988 and, like me has travelled extensively on her US Passport. Neither of us have ever had any kind of issue with TSA (or for that matter with anyone else). I began her renewal process expecting it to be identical to mine. Not so. For her to renew she is first expected to complete an extremely detailed application (almost identical to that required for applying for a first time US passport) and then must go with both US Passport and State Drivers License in hand for a personal interview with the TSA to see if they'll grant her renewal. No explanation is given for the difference between her renewal and mine nor is there any possibility of getting an explanation much less seeking an exception. The only difference between her renewal application and mine is because she was born somewhere else.

The Trump acolytes have managed to insert pure xenophobic hurdles into some of the most mundane interactions with the Federal government. It's sickening to see how our system has been infected with this virulence. God only knows in how many other routine activities anyone not born here will be expected to jump though meaningless and degrading hoops.

Can you believe the arrogance of this jackoff?

Went to renew my wife's passport by mail (hoping that someday we may be able to use it again). Everything was going fine until I looked at the mailing instructions: It says

For routine service, mail to

National Passport Processing Center
P. O. Box 640155
TRUMP, TX 75064

These people are impervious to reality.

I went Roto-Rooter diving over at FR to see what the intellectuals there were thinking.

The majority seem to be butt-hurt that Dummy left them in the lurch when he "gave up and left". Quite a few seem to have been Q believers, waiting until the very end for Trump to rise up and imprison all those nasty Democratic pedophiles/cannibals. Another genius suggested that Trump had no choice but to turn over power because he "read that they threatened to kill Barron if he didn't." "Where is Barron?", he asks. "Probably in protection".
But even among the less delusional remainder of the eductationally challenged, the disappointment was palpable. Perhaps the best example of this was this poor soul who chastised another Freeper for criticizing Trump for "leaving me hanging".

"I donít know how much more we could expect from one man. <

To be honest, I expected a presidential news conference around mid-December. At the conference Trump would lay out all the evidence pointing to a stolen election (and I do believe the election was stolen).

Yes, we got tweets. But we never got that news conference

I don't think they'd recognize Irony if it bit them in the ass.

After this disgusting fiasco of rioters

occupying the Capitol unmolested Biden should, as one of his very first acts call for a complete investigation and reform of the Capitol Police force. Their acquiescence and complete subservience to the mob shows that, not only were they unprepared but they were also unwilling to do anything to stop the mob in its hours-long rampage. The force is obviously corrupted to the core. It needs eliminate every officer who failed to do his/her duty this disgraceful afternoon.
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