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Michael Wendling: St Clair County Prosecutor, mugger of the ill and the helpless.

For those unfamiliar with Michael Wendling, think of a young Dick Cheney who hasn’t yet graduated to destroying countries, stealing billions and torturing all he surveys. But they both had to start somewhere. Tripping the blind as they walk down the street, kicking puppies, humiliating anyone who couldn’t fight back – you know the type. Greedy, power-hungry, hypocritical and sadistic.

For ten months an innocent woman with multiple sclerosis, named Ginnifer Hency has been fighting the local police – depraved prosecutors always need the help of ruthless cops to help them with the dirty work – to get back what they stole from her in an illegal raid. A judge rightly threw out the case, but Wendling’s office decided, “Hey, we already stole her shit, (including television sets, some of her children’s possessions, her vibrator, a ladder and other possessions) let’s keep her stuff and kick her a few more times while she’s down. Now that’s what I call fun!” They may like to watch their snuff films on a ladder while passing the vibrator around like a joint. That’s just a guess of course, I really don’t know what sadistic thieves do to get their jollies. Besides stealing and screwing with people’s lives, of course.

Ms. Hency is ill and has every right to possess medical marijuana under Michigan law. Her home was raided nonetheless and many of her belongings were stolen under the Forfeiture Laws, better described as, “Go ahead and steal their shit if they can’t fight back laws – oh yeah, and fuck you Bill of Rights, too!”

As an aside, Michael Wendling is also fighting to keep people who were convicted while juveniles and sentenced to life without parole, from being retried and possibly getting a lighter sentence.

Michael Wendling is hardly the only prosecutor doing malicious things with the power entrusted to him, and the country is chocked full bad cops ready to steal under the guise of fighting drugs. But any objective observer would call it what it is – fascism and robbery. Let’s hope the people of St. Clair kick this guy out of office.

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