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Kind of Blue

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Gender: Female
Hometown: California
Member since: Fri Aug 29, 2008, 10:47 AM
Number of posts: 8,709

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Devil at the Crossroads Official Trailer [HD] Netflix

The Music You Know. The Stories You Don't.

Cloaked in mystery, blues-man Robert Johnson left his mark on American music. Now family, critics and famous fans look for the real man behind the music.

Netflix's Original Documentary Series, ReMastered, investigates high-profile events affecting some of the most legendary names in music presenting groundbreaking discoveries and insights beyond what’s been previously reported. Watch ReMastered: Devil at the Crossroads only on Netflix April 26.

I Love Music, The O'Jays Live From Daryl Hall's House


Oh, that's wonderful news! I'm so happy for your mom and you.

I do believe music had a hand in restoring her.

Do you remember this from a few years ago...

Otis Redding - (original) I've Got Dreams To Remember (with Studio talk)

Co-written by his wife, songwriter Zelma Redding.

Preview of Dreams To Remember: The Legacy of Otis Redding with some good live clips.

Aww, never to late! I'm just getting started

learning more about Ms. Redoshi. Here's a bit more than the article's nice treatment slant.

I can't get her off of my mind because we're from the same region and, I believe, clan.

What a voice. Love her. Thank you.

Brand New Key, one of the funnest songs ever.

"When you hear somebody with balls, that's me," Carol Kaye

Finally inducted into the 2018 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Brian Wilson: "Carol, you're the greatest d--- bass player in the world".

Lou Rawls: "Carol played great on all my hits (60's) and she was cool."

Jazz singer Joe Williams: "Carol Kaye, as black as she wants to be."

Benny Carter: "Carol, you were the best on Fender bass and a large part of our music business."

Milt Bernhardt, vip trombonist, Emcee of Big Band Academy: "Carol Kaye, I forgive you for putting the Fender Bass on the map."

Plas Johnson, #1 recording jazz saxman (Pink Panther): "I enjoyed 'Thumbs Up', everyone played well."

DR. JOHN (Mac Rabbenac): "Carol Kaye is a sweetheart and a kick-a--
guitar player as well as a kick-a-- bass player!"

Taj Mahal to Carol Kaye when both appeared at the 2000 EMC Music Museum in Seattle - "Carol Kaye, you are the BEST!"


Yeah, what you've said is true. The point that I'm driving is

that kindness is biological, deeply rooted in our evolution as a species. I wish I had a documentary link handy that disproved the myth of competition among early hominids killing each other off. Fortunately people with above-average tendencies for hatred are not the norm, otherwise I don't think we'd be conversing now. Again, kindness is not a cultural construct. But as Perseus says, "It is unfortunate that the bad people make all the noise."

Here's Keltner talking about his kindness research findings.

Samba de Orfeu

The birds were going off this morning, chirping so much I had to stop and look out the window, then overcome by the sunrise. Reminded me of the children singing the sun to rise in the final scene of Black Orpheus, another magnipiece of art from 1959. What a year.

Posted by Kind of Blue | Tue Apr 9, 2019, 09:13 AM (4 replies)

You Haven't Done Nothin' - Stevie Wonder

This is how I've felt about 46-1 since ever knowing of him back in the day.
It's also been historically fascinating to me with each Republican administration and, too, because of the heavenly chorus by the Jackson 5 on the LP.

We are amazed but not amused
By all the things you say that you'll do
Though much concerned but not involved
With decisions that are made by you

But we are sick and tired of hearing your song
Telling how you are gonna changing right from wrong
'Cause if you really want to hear our views
"you haven't done nothin'"

It's not too cool to be ridiculed
But you brought this upon yourself
The world is tired of pacifiers
We want the truth and nothing else, yeah

And we are sick and tired of hearing your song
Telling how you are gonna change right from wrong
'Cause if you really want to hear our views
"you haven't done nothing"

Jackson 5, join along with me, say
Doo doo wop - hey hey hey
Doo doo wop - oh whoa whoa
Doo doo wop - mmm now now
Doo doo wop - oh oh oh
Doo doo wop - dum dum dum
Doo doo wop

We would not care to wake up to the nightmare
That's becoming real life
But when misled who knows a person's mind
Can turn as cold as ice, mmm-hmm

Why do you keep on making us hear your song
Telling us how you are changing right from wrong
'Cause if you really want to hear our views
"you haven't done nothin'"

Jackson 5, say it one more 'gain, say
Doo doo wop - na na na
Doo doo wop - oh
Doo doo wop - mmm co co
Doo doo wop - sing it, yeah
Doo doo wop - bum bum bum
Doo doo wop - mmm bum bum
Doo doo wop
Doo doo wop - sing it loud and for your people, say
Doo doo wop - mmm dum dum
Doo doo wop - I think y'all shy
Sing it louder
Doo doo wop - go go go
Doo doo wop - oh
I love y'all
Doo doo wop - mmm bum bum
Doo doo wop - mmm
Doo doo wop - brr eh deh deh
Doo doo wop - dum dum dum dum
Doo doo wop - eh deh deh
Doo doo wop - mmm
Doo doo wop - oh yeah

Posted by Kind of Blue | Mon Apr 8, 2019, 07:34 PM (0 replies)
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