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Still Sensible

Still Sensible's Journal
Still Sensible's Journal
April 19, 2023

I assume that much, if not all, of the settlement will be paid from insurance

Corporations typically carry both general liability insurance as well as errors and omissions coverage. The latter is used to protect not only the corporation, but individually its board members and executives. I would love to know how much of the settlement Faux's corporate insurance is paying.

April 13, 2023

The Question! Why in the hell does a 21-year-old in the

Air National Guard even have access to the breadth of classified intelligence that was shared?

I know it's early and we don't yet know the whole story, but this question really sticks out, I mean, really? Putin's health info and Ukraine battle planning and real data on casualties??? And on and on!

Honestly, how did this obviously remote member of a state National Guard get this material?

January 26, 2023

Had to face reality and delete the "America's Best Pics/Vids" app

from my phone. It seemed when I started using it that there was a somewhat small portion of the meme pics and vids were political (maybe 20-25%). Those leaned toward the right, but there were plenty of pro dem, progressive and pro Biden memes, too. The app has evolved into a full-throated cesspool of pro-tfg, pro rw conspiracy theory, anti Biden, anti-Clinton, anti-Pelosi & anti-Obama bullshit.

I can appreciate clever, satirical political memes and commentary, even from folks that have views to the right of mine. But now, the right wing zealots have taken over this app (and others I'm sure) and only sling total shit.

Almost all of it is wholly made up, pulled out of their asses tripe originating from oath fuckers, mommy's basement and/or a russian troll pit! They now put out the most vile, crude and demeaning posts. It all seems to be based on 1-"what can we put out there that will get our gullible rubes all pissed off?," and 2-"what pure shit will these pissed off gullible rubes believe?" Sadly, we now have something like a quarter of our voting population that really believes!

There is not much left of a mainstream GOP in political circles... at least not many that are willing to stand up and we know who those are.

What these motherfuckers have done will only get harder to overcome.

August 19, 2021

Why shouldn't health insurers demand a higher premium

for adults that refuse to be vaccinated. Maybe they are just waiting for full FDA before pulling that trigger... but make no mistake, there will be immediate bills filed by repug neanderthals to prohibit that.

But here's the thing. The whole insurance industry is based on mitigating risk, so those who willfully put themselves at greater risk should face a higher premium IMO. Of course there are certain mitigating conditions that would need to be factored in if those conditions make some unable to have the shot. JMHO

February 19, 2021

A friend posted this fine summary of Texas current problem:

Texas Plight simplified. Hubris. Arrogance. Pitiful yet so predictable.

ERCOT = Electric Reliability Council of Texas. They operate and manage the de-regulated, private energy grid.

1.) After 2011’s snow storm during Super Bowl week at the new Cowboys stadium, various agencies (including ERCOT) agreed that winterizing our power grid should be a top priority.

2.) The public forgot and politicians and private companies did nothing.

3.) In this latest storm, the temperature was so cold that not only did natural gas lines freeze, but delivery systems for coal and natural gas froze as well. Some wind turbines also froze, but wind accounts for about 10,000 Megawatts of total production and ERCOT has said 30,000 Megawatts total were lost at the peak of the outage.

4.) Neither fossil fuels nor renewable energy is to blame. What’s to blame is that the winterization of equipment was put off as an expense because it eats into profits. Remember, the power companies in Texas are all private and completely de-regulated. So, which company is going to eat into profits to protect against a 100 year storm unless required to do so?

5.) We are experiencing more erratic climate because 99% of all scientists agree that climate change is real. I’ll bet someone thought that the 2011 storm was a once in a lifetime storm and that this wouldn’t happen again. I guess folks should start listening to the professionals. 🤷🏽?♂️

6.) Now the Governor is all hot and bothered because A.) I’m sure he cares that a lot of people might die (I don’t like the guy, but I doubt he’s heartless), B.) This is a stain on his record, and C.) I think he will run for the Presidency in 2024. So he’s on the news blaming ERCOT, wind turbines, and saying that he’s going to hold people accountable... basically the same nonsense politicians spew after knowing they messed up.

7.) What the Governor isn’t telling you is that every member managing ERCOT was appointed by him. That this problem was caused by lack of investment for the public good. That the Texas legislature has not mandated any regulations on the power companies since the 2011 storm. And, that all politicians know that 90% of you will forget by next week when the weather hits 60 degrees.

Coming out of this mess, people should ask themselves: Why keep voting for politicians who tell you government can’t help you? That’s like hiring a CEO who tells people don’t buy his company’s products.

Overall, I hope people don’t forget. I hope those who are riding out this storm with no worries realize there are millions who are worried. I hope we all realize that building stronger communities is not done individually.

February 10, 2021

Valid points and evidences one of the biggest negatives

that the Internet has wrought.

These used to be fringe groups. When I was a kid 50 or so years ago, I was aware of shadowy KKK around and the John Birchers, etc.. There were also conspiracy nuts and, in fact, one of them was a college professor I had. These conspiracy theorists of that time railed against the Bilderbergers and the Council on Foreign Relations, claiming it was all about destroying America in favor of a "one world government." Of course, in the late 60s and early seventies, there was a very small segment that were active in these groups, held together through meetings and largely underground tracts. There was obviously a large proportion of the white population that, while they may not have been active in these movements, they clearly were sympathetic to the racism--read white nationalism--that underscored the groups' world views. The abortion fight that has evolved since that time brought the already sympathetic evangelical movement allied solidly on the side of this racist fringe.

The explosion of the Internet has provided a mechanism for the fringe to recruit, cross pollinate and somewhat unify around a shared hatred for "others," and "liberals." Unfortunately, the emergence of tRump and his catering to those growing groups had brought the deplorables into the main stream. Even if these deplorables make up half or less of what is currently the GOP electorate, most of the other repugs go along with them for three reasons: Under tRump they have been able to achieve or at least make progress toward some long standing GOP goals; Despite their public denials, the right remains sympathetic to the white nationalism and the systemic discrimination against all "others."; and finally, they hate "the libs" and even center-left progressivism almost as much as the deplorables do.

I'm not sure it matters greatly if these formerly-fringe-but-now-mainstream-right-wingers get pushed underground because the same internet (and even the dark web) that has fueled their growth provides the mechanisms to keep track of them.

But just as it was many decades ago when these deplorables were a small lunatic fringe, we must deal with the right's sympathies with the racist white nationalists and continue to weed out the systemic policies that accelerated under 45. But now these forces are larger and better organized... with more friends in high places.

February 4, 2021

I still think that Facebook and Twitter need to have a "dislike" button

and a "Fuck Off" emoji!

That is all!

January 20, 2021

Trump Pardons Bannon Hours Before Leaving Office

Source: New York Times

The president made the decision to pardon Stephen K. Bannon, the former White House chief strategist, after a day of frantic efforts to sway his thinking. Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader, said the mob that stormed the Capitol “was fed lies,” referring to President Trump’s efforts to overturn the election.

President Trump has granted clemency to Stephen K. Bannon, the former White House chief strategist who was charged with defrauding people who supported building a border wall that Mr. Trump supported, White House officials said.

The president made the decision after a day of frantic efforts to sway his thinking, including from Mr. Bannon, who spoke to him by phone earlier on Tuesday.

The pardon was described as a pre-emptive move that would effectively wipe away the charges against Mr. Bannon, should he be convicted.

Read more: https://www.nytimes.com/live/2021/01/19/us/inauguration-day-biden

Surprised, NOT!
January 4, 2021

I sure hope the "Deep State" is ready for the next 16 days!

We've heard a lot of noise from tRumpworld about the "Deep State" for nearly five years now. If there is such a thing, a rational person would have observed that those people/entities have largely kept their powder dry through all the bullshit that has been a four year abomination.

I sure hope they are standing by and ready to stand up!

December 12, 2020

The Court announcing the rejection of the Texas filing tonight instead

of waiting until Monday, will have one of these effects:

1. tRump will see the rate of donations to his scam dramatically decrease, thus causing him to not get many millions; or

2. tRump will see the rate of donations to his scam dramatically increase, thus causing rubes' bank accounts many millions!

Sounds damn close to a win-win-win to me!

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