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Member since: Tue Sep 2, 2008, 02:01 AM
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Tend to be libertarian but because the tea part stole the term I say left wing libertarian.. I do have ADD (i vehemently disagree with the NIMH version of everything is ADHD) simply because ADD on Ritalin = ADHD. But I\'m used to people saying that can\'t understand me. So if I say something and you roll your eyes. Just ask nice what do I mean. Provided I actually get back to the conversation. I often just offer my 2 cents and move on..But do read the comments while I\'m on the page. Being left wing libertarian means I might have some right wing tendencies which means to me is I\'m outcast from the left and right I only made it to DU because of Keith Olbermann and he was my political direction. Rachel is okay but takes too much cue from MSNBC

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well after getting hidden yet again someone linked me here

re: http://www.democraticunderground.com/1280164212

which a post I wish I could explain in http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1017&pid=348793 ended up hidden because I reverted to a common joke between family friends and other medicated dweebs who have a sense of humor. Having Clinical Depression is horrid. So I have a natural tendency to us a joke when someone seems rather wired. On meds or off meds? That got hidden because someone was ****** over anyone joking about mental illness. For those of use who have severe depression it actually helps. So if someone wants to inject something properly worded in that discussion, sorry if it offended anyone but I have to joke about it because it helps keep me sane. I've been in the quicksand trying to work myself out of it. Which came off a bad year in 2008 which 1. our Beagle was put to sleep in Jan 30 2008, I was laid off my job Oct 20 2008, and then grandpa passed away Dec 13 2008. and dad flipped out the next year and that sent me careening into now a 7 year itch. ahem Blur. Where time just went pop . Huh it's 2016 Where the Frack did the time go. (Lexapro and Ritalin should not be taken together I was told last year. You basically turn into a Zombie and I've been on Lexapro since early 2009 or before. sigh. On Welbutrin now. Which seems to work better but not with my wicked temper. Which might be a bipolar thing but have no idea. I can feel it come over me when it happens. Seeing that nice yellow bar across the top of DU 9/10 it's a hidden. I just never had a joke about meds joke hidden before. Fortunately some nice people in the Bernie area helped me find this place and also calmed me down so I guess I should have this site as my front page

What exactly is Natural Law and why are Conservatives paranoid about people knocking it down.

I don't exactly get into philosophical debates. My brother however flipped a fully loaded couch table at mom calling her a traitor to her face for saying that he has a right to his opinion about whatever Natural Law is. Which I basically came up with He's into Declarationism and only 1 Supreme Court member might be one (Clarence)

What my brother says: Natural Law has been around since the first Humans were created.

What I've read. Judges couldn't implement it and stuck with Common Law. Common Law governs the USA. His answer.... the phrase No One Is Above The Law is straight Natural Law. I guess this is why he's leaving Facebook. They are anti American because they are against Natural Law.

Like I'm not a big one on Arisotle (sp) but thats old hat. Question I have is why is this suddenly an issue with ultra Conservatives (mind you my brother was big on Howard Dean but then swung hard right not long after) . I still consider philosphy a form of an opinion and fact at the same time I'm just hoping for some insight on where this outright hate of those who don't hold to Natural Law comes from. I could ask my cousin in law about it (he is now officially a lawyer in MN. But I don't think thats the sort of Law one just looks up.

The reason he originally said he is leaving Facebook for something called MEWE or WEME is because FB is banning Gun companies from having discussions. Oddly in the Y's my Y is theology . But again thats a debate that only those who know what they are talking about should be having.

Des Moines Register's accuracy

Basically just posting a picture I hope, but since 1988, Des Moines Register's endorsement has gotten the November end one right once. And that I consider a stolen election. So they were 1/2 right. George W. Bush 2000 Endorsement only time they were accurate.

What'll happen don't know but the odds seem to suggest two things. 1. Bernie gets it , 2. Hillary gets it but loses to Trump. (by the way 1988 is dating me. Since I only knew the main people running then. Paul Simon?? hey I woulda been 12 1/2 then

and I don't post often so hope this is the right area.

Source: http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/des-moines-register-endorses-clinton-rubio-primary-iowa/

not sure if this is the right place to put this. but there's this secretive group my dad joined

called www.theupdate.us wondering if anyone's heard of it. and is it a propaganda site?? Dad used to be like tolerable but he went nuts when Obama was first elected and now is a member of The Blaze, WND and now The update. course if you look for something called "The Update" your not gonna find anything. Sneaky. update is used more often that kicking someones ass.

I'm not saying how I know he joined this. Lets say my mother doesn't trust my dad anymore so I gotta be like the NSA... But when he buys a Semi Auto Sig Saur (sp) out of the blue. And plans on the M400, kinda needed. Like I'm willing to get killed for my rights. But people with guns like that are scared to die for their rights.

Can someone educate me on why for hours and hours Fox News today was going after the Des Moines R..

Register? Something about some map and wasn't even on the website anymore and fox kept showing it. had Megyn Kelly in knots blaming DMR over putting it out. Like totally impossible to find except one mention on Newsmax and well Fox of course.

Basically had an interactive map (sorta) saying what schools might have an armed guard or not. DMR is a Gannett newspaper which has been mostly a right wing paper so kinda odd Fox shooting at one of their own..

Don't know where else to post this. Just asking. no need to put the map up. Fox did enough spreading it around...


Miss the flash. Which would be the opposite of what my mom found with the one sheet letter from Washington Spectator which went from old world non flashy to yuck flash might as well read the website.

Must be a setting I'm missing so it looks like the front of a webpage rather than the freepers. O_O (oh shoot me and get it over with I did not say that
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