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Gender: Male
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: San Diego
Member since: Tue Sep 2, 2008, 10:10 PM
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33% more intelligent than the average human

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Hillary's magic EV number is 195.

The magic number is 195.

That is the number of Electoral Votes that Hillary Clinton needs by 10:00pm Eastern (7:00pm Pacific) on Tuesday night to guarantee victory.

How? Well, with 270 EV total needed, Hillary Clinton's West Coast "blue wall" will be activated at 11:00pm Eastern (8:00pm Pacific) when the polls close out here in the west.

She has a 99.5% chance of winning all 4 main Western states: California, Washington, Oregon, and Hawaii.

California, where she is up by 24 points, is worth 55 EV.

Washington, where she is up by 14 points, is worth 12 EV.
Oregon, where she is up by 10 points, is worth 7 EV.
Hawaii, where she is up by 22 points, is worth 4 EV.

That is a total of 78 EV.

78 + 195 = 273.

I added in a 3 EV cushion.

Thus, again, once Hillary reaches 195 EV by 10:00pm Eastern on Tuesday night, the election is over. The west coast "blue wall" will come in like a tidal wave at 11:00pm Eastern.

Coming soon.... The Donald Trump PAC / Party.

I've suspected early on, back in February that Trump doesn't really want to be President, but generate enough of a following to create a post-election political party that he can con and milk for all their worth.

Current polling has Trump getting possibly as low as 38% of the popular vote.

Now, in 2012, almost 130 million votes were cast.

38% of 130 million is almost 50 million.

In addition, let's say, after losing next month, 20% of those voters desert him. He would still have 40 million that support him.

Furthermore, with this newly formed pseudo PAC/party, he would probably ask each of the 40 million to donate just $20 to his cause.

Let's say only half do just that. That would still be $400 million.

You just know Trump would pocket at least half of that for himself and his family, giving him $200 million.

Then he and Steve Bannon would create a Youtube channel and Facebook video presence, and asking his 40 million followers every 6 months or so for another $20.

That's how he gets hundreds of millions of dollars each year in income.

By bilking naive, gullible, Trump followers.

Donald J. Trump. The modern-day P.T. Barnum.

How did Trump lose $916 million in a year that was very good for Atlantic City casinos?

This article from 1996 showed that year 1995 was very good for Atlantic City, with an increase of 8.2% in casino revenue and a 15% increase in operating profit. The economy in the country was very good, and that was reflected in the increased tourism and visitation of all US casinos, including Atlantic City.

Yes, the following article is the Las Vegas Sun, but it talks about Atlantic City.

"Casino Win up 8.2% in 1995"
Saturday, March 30, 1996


The gaming halls together reported revenue of $4.08 billion, up from $3.77 billion in 1994.

Nicholas R. Amato, executive director of the Casino Association of New Jersey, said Friday that several reasons contributed to the casinos' strong 1995.

"Expansions and renovations of existing casino facilities (allowed) the Atlantic City casinos to provide more slot machines and new games," Amato said. "This when combined with management's ability to contain costs were major contributing factors for the successful 1995."


Trump Taj Mahal led the 12 gambling halls with 1995 revenues of $553.7 million, followed by Caesars Atlantic City Hotel Casino with $395.2 million.

The 12 casinos also reported 1995 gross operating profits of $1 billion, a 15.3 percent increase over the $869.8 million reported in 1994.


Listed below are the casinos, their revenue for 1995, revenue for the same period in 1994 (negative revenue in parentheses), percentage change:


-Trump's Castle: $305.5 million, $283.9 million, 7 percent.

-Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino: $329.7 million, $293.9 million, 10.8 percent.

-Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort: $553.7 million, $517.2 million, 6.6 percent.

So, Trump's three Atlantic City casinos took in over $1.1 BILLION in revenue in 1995, an increase of more than 8% from the previous year.

Yet, somehow, he managed to lose $916 million. From the revenue of $1.1. BILLION from 3 casinos.

"smart" ?

"genius" ?

Doctors vs Meatcutters.

(with apologies to anyone who is or has one in their family, regarding meatcutters/butchers)

How Trump supporters and some other voters sound:

I hate doctors. Every doctor I've met has done a crappy job with my health.

For the last 30 years, every doctor I've gone to has found something wrong with me and told me what I need to do to fix it.

Stop eating fast food. But, the fast food people tell me it's ok. There is nothing wrong with fast food. It's the doctors' fault!

Stop smoking. But, the cigarette people tell me it's ok. There is nothing wrong with cigarettes. It's the doctors' fault!

Stop drinking so much alcohol. But, beer and liquor people tell me it's ok. That stuff is healthy for me. It's the doctors' fault they say!

Stop eating so much salt and sugar. But, the sugar makers say sugar is great for me. It tastes great too! I should ignore all those scientific studies. Boo science! Also, they paid for another study that showed salt and sugar were harmless, and those guys were scientists, paid by the salt and sugar industry. So you know they are right! It's the doctors' fault anyway as they tell me.

Hey, maybe it is the doctors' fault!

Doctors suck. I mean with all their experience, education, and medical training.

Especially that one woman doctor. I hate her. So what if she's helped everybody she said she would help. I don't trust her anyway!

She's been a doctor for more than 30 years! With all that education, experience, and steadiness. Boring! So what if she's helped thousands, maybe millions, in that time. She still lost a couple of patients she was in charge of when she was working in another country for a few weeks. See, there you go. You can't trust her! Never could! That's what they tell me.

I will never go with another doctor.... EVER!

I need a change.

Meatcutters. Butchers.

Yeah, that's it! This one meatcutter can do it. He's really loud, flashy, and looks cool. He also has a foreign wife. You know what they say, foreign car and foreign wife is a good life.

He owns a bunch of meatcutting places. Sure, six of them have been closed down because of failure to pay and other things. But, hey, there he still is. He also says a bunch of stupid, crazy things, but at least he's not a doctor!

He also says he's really, really, rich doing all this meatcutting. I don't know if it's true, but he says it is, and he wouldn't say anything that wasn't true would he?

He says we should stick to fatty white meat. White meat is the best. It's all that other meat that is inferior and we should go grab it all and take it away. That dark meat is really bad. Sometimes it's blackish, sometimes it's brown. It is the problem with everything. He says we should get rid of all dark meat, and stick with only fatty white meat. I don't know, but he's a meatcutter. He must know what he's talking about.

I mean he cuts into flesh too, same thing as a doctor right?

Next time I or anyone in my family is sick or needs medical attention, we will be going to him!

At least he's not a doctor. What, with all their education, training, and experience.

What I and "we" need is someone who isn't a doctor. Someone who doesn't have any experience in any of this! That's how things will get better for me.

Stop diagnosing me with a bunch of problems you doctors. That makes me feel sad.

Instead, keep telling me things I want to hear and how you'll make me great again. That makes me happy.
See! Meatcutters.

Donald Trump regarding not paying taxes: "That makes me smart."


Mr. Law and Order candidate.... the police, FBI, DEA, border patrol, ICE, US Customs, various state Department of Corrections, are funded by taxes.

Education is funded by taxes.

Public Safety is funded by taxes.

Disaster relief (FEMA) for flood, hurricane, tornado, fire, and earthquake victims, is funded by taxes.

The Secret Service, who protects your ass, is funded by taxes.

By trying not to pay your taxes, you are giving the big middle finger to all those.

President Stilson.... or President Donald Trump?

"The Dead Zone" (1983) from the 1979 Stephen King novel.

Lie: "Illegal immigrants are taking good paying American jobs!"

Really? I can't recall the last time I saw an illegal immigrant hold a gun to the head of a person in HR or a hiring manager and demand a job, or else!

If "iilegal immigrants" truly are taking "good paying" American jobs, then ....

Who is doing the hiring?

It seems to me that the MSM and media in general don't really care anymore to cover

Hillary's speeches and policies. It's been well over a week since they covered any of her campaign speeches or events.

They only want to focus on the Clinton Foundation, and to a lesser extent, the emails.

If she were to write an email about her policies and campaign speeches, send them to a Clinton Foundation email address, and then have it "leaked", maybe they'll cover her actual policies and positions more, instead of going on this stupid-assed tirade about the Clinton Foundation.

Meanwhile, even on M$NBC, they will have Hallie Jackson report from a Trump campaign speech, and then air about 15 or more minutes of it.


Baton Rouge, LA resident puts things in order regarding the flooding and politics.

Neva Butkus, resident of Baton Rouge, LA:


DNC convention videos available at their Youtube channel.


As a bonus, you can relive the magic from the past two conventions, 2012 and 2008.


In the playlists, are also the "sausage grinding" platform drafting committee meetings where the official party platforms are created.

Most, if not all, videos are available in HD (720p usually).
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