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Profile Information

Name: Tim Konspiracy
Gender: Male
Hometown: Mongrolvia
Home country: South Side, Chicago
Current location: Northeast Side, Los Angeles
Member since: Sat Sep 13, 2008, 01:46 AM
Number of posts: 5,263

Journal Archives

It's an Old Hippie Christmas...by The Bellamy Bros...

"Here Comes Christmas" by my band...

...Green Sparkle Frog.

Posted to YouTube by CDBaby.com.

Seasoned Greetings to You All.

Mural by my friend, the artist known as GERMS...

This on a building in Pacoima, CA.

Here is a short video showing GERMS at work on the mural:

It took him less than a month to complete.

I helped out by creating the stencils and some foam printing implements used on the piece.

Click for GERMS' web site.

I think the name/word "Shkreli"...

...should become a pejorative and an ultimate insult to those who would otherwise be considered, or who are already known as: assholes, liars, douche/scumbags, war mongers/profiteers, racists/bigots, banksters, trumpsters, etc.

It would be really great if everybody starting saying, in response to the above types of sociopaths and narcissists, "fuck you, you fuckin Shkreli."

Should the opportunity arise, I'll be doing that, starting tomorrow.

Rich Assholes Rule America...

...so, Vote For Donald Trump.

The End.

If you go into a Rite Aid to buy a lighter...

...in this case, it was a BIC lighter...be sure to bring your ID with you.

I just got carded trying to purchase that lighter, but my ID was out in my car.

I pointed out to the automoton at the checkout that "I am 60 years old, why are you asking me for ID? Do I look like I'm 12 years old?"

Clerk sez, "it is corporate policy to require ID for the purchase of smoking products," then he says "in order for you to not get any more stressed out, I will cancel this transaction" (which, btw, included several other non "smoking products", to which I said "you've already caused me undue stress, and wasted my time, with your ridiculous zero tolerance bullshit policy. And fuck Rite Aid" as I walked out of the store.

I went to a Walgreens, bought a lighter, asked them if they had ever heard of carding people who buy lighters, clerk said "never."

So now, according to Rite Aid, a lighter is a "smoking product." Has this happened to anybody else?

I know that ultimately, this is a trivial event, but I was caught off-guard by it, and aggravated by this fucking corporate rule which treats its customers like children.

Suffice to say, after over 35 years of being a loyal, regular customer at this very same Rite Aid location, I will never set foot in or spend another penny at any Rite Aid, ever again.

Later, after cooling down a bit, I called the store and spoke - in a civil tone - to the manager, but she kept talking over me as I explained why, after 35+ years of being a loyal customer I would never spend another penny there, but she just hung up on me.

Fuck the Corporate Nanny State and fuck Rite Aid. I hope they finally do go bankrupt.

NEW - Neil Young on Starbucks & GMOs...

Posted by GReedDiamond | Tue Jun 2, 2015, 01:34 AM (0 replies)

Chris Burden dies at 69: artist's light sculpture at LACMA is symbol of L.A.

From the L.A. Times:

When he had himself shot in the arm for a performance piece at a Santa Ana gallery, Chris Burden became fleetingly famous. But years later, when he created such outsized, imagination-charged works as “Urban Light,” the ranks of vintage lampposts tightly arrayed outside the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, he left a longer-lasting legacy.

Burden, the protean Conceptual artist who rose from doing controversial performances in the 1970s to become one of the most compelling and widely admired sculptors of his generation, died Sunday at his home in Topanga Canyon. He was 69.

Paul Schimmel, a close friend of the artist and the former chief curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art who had organized Burden’s first retrospective exhibition in 1988, said the cause was malignant melanoma. Burden was diagnosed 18 months ago, Schimmel said, but kept the information private except for a few family members and friends.

Burden’s final sculpture, a lyrical homage to Alberto Santos-Dumont, the Brazilian aviator who flew the first practical dirigible around the Eiffel Tower in a momentous 1901 flight, will be shown for a month at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in a special exhibition beginning May 18.

More at link: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/arts/culture/la-et-chris-burden-dies-20150510-story.html#page=1

"Marijuana" 1968 Sonny Bono (looking & sounding stoned ) explains marijuana...

Watch intently as Sonny explains in excruciatingly insane detail how the Demon Weed will ruin your - and everybody's - lives!!

Then you will know the TRUTH!!

We recently adopted a cat from...

...the local Humane Society.

Our beloved kitty of over 15 years passed away on January 2nd, so we thought it would be a good idea to give a home to a cat in need of one.

We brought home a polydactyl calico female named Polly. She has some extra toes on her front paws.

We've had her going on three weeks now, and she has become comfortable in her new home - she's quite affectionate - but she just exhibited disturbing behavior: she peed on our bed.

Do any DU cat experts know why she would do this, and how to stop this behavior, quickly and permanently?

Good beds are expensive, and I don't care for sleeping on a urine stained mattress!

Suggestions anyone?
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