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Member since: Mon Sep 15, 2008, 10:33 AM
Number of posts: 3,816

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Childhood bullies could grow up to be

presidential bullies. Just look at the current resident in the White House. Just listen to his speeches (racist rants).

In states where marijuana is legal opioid prescriptions fall.

When people are in pain all they initially want is pain relief. If that relief can come from a natural (legal) substance marijuana. Many folks would choose the alternative that would not require taking an addictive medication. Addiction then leads, in many cases, to illegal activities to acquire the opioids.

Locally in our region that has caused a rise in crime that is quickly getting out of hand straining our local police.

The obvious truth IMO is drug companies fight to keep marijuana illegal because they know it will impact their sales.


Remember the Parkland kids are just starting to vote.

They will tell the truth about who Trump is and was. They will define the coward for the damage he has done to the country. When each new president is elected 46, 47, 48,...... 100. Donald Trump will hold the clear distinction as the WORST president the county ever had. When the list has 100 presidents on it Trump will be 100 at the bottom of the list. Trump and worst president will always be in the same sentence.


For Rubio the life of a student in Florida according to the students Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.


His "gut" is cancerous.

It seems to have spread. The metastasis in his brain makes him and his decisions dangerous for us and the world.

What would you guess these young adults have, 50 to 60 years of voting ahead?

These "kids" have the potential to change the gun laws for starts.

Make universal healthcare a reality.
Make the Dreamers promises come true.
Change in inequality of wealth in America.
Protect the environment.
Abandon use of non-renewable resources.
Support and implement solar, wind and other renewable energy technologies.

They have a life time to do these things.

BUT first they can change the Congress and dark money in politics.
Making the other changing possible.

I see the president is still making up BS on the fly.

Besides isn't Mexico paying for the wall? Or was that just an old lie..... that's being replaced with this new lie of fresh bull crap. Fox news a proven source of BS.

She wants to hire her brother's mercenaries (Blackwater)

This is the direction that this has been heading. DeVos and Eric Prince (brother and sister).

Yet another intentional way to bleed money from taxpayers to further enrich themselves.

BS!!! Jeff Sessions. You pick and choose. States rights when it benefits you.

Federal laws when you don't like what the states have decided and legislated.

California needs migrant workers for picking the nations farm products. So if California want to treat migrant farm workers as a needed individual then why should the racist Sessions get to ignore that state's rights.

Drinks would be on the looser.... if memory serves me right.

Trump's buying!
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