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Member since: Mon Sep 15, 2008, 10:33 AM
Number of posts: 3,683

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It is scary to think that the complexity of the internet is being....

Over seen and regulated by Congress members who can't program their own VCR. Let alone DVRs and Cloud storage. In fact I will bet there are Congress members who still think 8 track music tapes are the cat's meow.

Time for them all to go.

I hope Mueller and his team are waiting on the shore with subpoenas and /or arrest warrants.

Additionally a life-time reservation in Leavenworth for each one who is found guilty of treason.

How about a fire hydrant. That should ensure some living creature will....

pi$$ on him every day.

Smiling at the thought!

Rep. Sean Duffy (R) are you paying attention?

Duffy is another right winger that needs to go. Wisconsin's 7th Congressional District deserves far better than this hypocritical excuse of a representative.

The voters are catching on to the right wing con job you and others have gotten away with for way to long.

Supreme Court Justice (elect) Dallet is the proof..... your days are numbered.

As an ex-military medic I have seen first hand untimely deaths and mass trauma....

.... so no matter how I would try and cannot bring myself to wish those horrible things on anyone including Paul Ryan. But short of that I hope he dies at a ripe old age and penniless. And that the history books will label him as the person who wanted it all for himself while at the same time denying healthcare, happiness, and financial security to the 99%.

He is one evil bastard. Who should be remembered as one.

Anyone else notice that the obvious fixed Trump/GOP/FOX base is mid twenties to 30%

No matter what poll, what question, what issue up too and including Trump's remarks that "he wouldn't lose any votes if he shot and killed someone in public of 5th Avenue."

25-30% would still support him.

Crazy... pure crazy!

Nice way to get taxpayer funded trip to Paris and Morocco.

If only heads would roll.

Trump has apparently lived his whole life without ever being held responsible....

...... for any of his miss deeds. He has managed to buy, bribe,threaten and good old buddy his way out of trouble. He has convinced himself he is above the law (another one of his lies he believes). Now let's hope the time for reckoning has finally come.

I'm hoping they get him and Cohen for bank fraud, income tax fraud and money laundering. All which should fall under RICO. At least as a non-lawyer I'm hoping.

Childhood bullies could grow up to be

presidential bullies. Just look at the current resident in the White House. Just listen to his speeches (racist rants).

In states where marijuana is legal opioid prescriptions fall.

When people are in pain all they initially want is pain relief. If that relief can come from a natural (legal) substance marijuana. Many folks would choose the alternative that would not require taking an addictive medication. Addiction then leads, in many cases, to illegal activities to acquire the opioids.

Locally in our region that has caused a rise in crime that is quickly getting out of hand straining our local police.

The obvious truth IMO is drug companies fight to keep marijuana illegal because they know it will impact their sales.

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