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A dream I had last night

A dream I had last night. I think it is packed with meaning. As soon as I woke up, I began to turn it over and memorize every detail so that I could write it down. I dream a lot, but it is very unusual for me to dream about anyone or anything specific. I almost never remember my dreams except for the moment of awakening and then they are gone. There is very rarely enough left of the memory for me to think about cogently, let alone write down.

The last time I had a dream so vivid and lasting, was right before 9/11. It was a volvano and ash floating like snow.

Right before I went to sleep last night I was on DU and I saw a political cartoon of Donald Trump
And Vladimir Putin as the couple in the painting American Gothic. Maybe you saw it too. Trump as the farm wife and Putin as the farmer with the pitchfork…anyway…

Here’s the dream:

I am at a “party” in a large old farmhouse. Everyone seems happy and are all milling around in casual conversation. No one is eating or drinking. They seem to be awaiting the arrival of the caterers. Someone makes an announcement that the “bankers” have paid for the party and the “bankers” briefly raise their glasses to the hoi polli. Their glasses are crystal and are full.

I get bored and attempt to join in conversation with the strangers, who are talking politics. I don’t remember what they were discussing in particular, but I said, “Donald Trump is like an idiot Bond villain.” There is a frightening vacancy in their hateful stares.

Then I ask directions to the bathroom because I have to pee. I am directed to the basement stairs.

As I am descending the stairs into the pitch-dark basement I pass a woman coming up the stairs. She eyes me disdainfully. She is dressed in what she believes is her Sunday best, but it is in reality, just an old housecoat. She shouts up the stairs happily that she is ready to join the party and is welcomed on the landing. The door is shut tight and I am in complete darkness.

Once at the bottom of the stairs… I begin to search, in vain, for the bathroom. There is none.
I am tripping over bundles of clothes and bed mats. People live in the basement, but it is now empty.

The door opens and someone comes down the stairs.
It is Donald Trump. He is dressed in khakis and a leather bomber jacket. He has a baseball hat on. I don’t see any insignia on his clothing… no Presidential seal…nothing.

He begins to talk to me without introduction. He never says, Hello, I am President Trump…he speaks to me as if he has known me all my life and our relationship is one of casual friendship.
“I’m going to tell you a secret…because, why not.” He feels confident to share this secret because, to him, I am a total non-entity… entirely disposable.

He walks over to the wall and flips a light switch on and off dramatically. The lights remain off and the basement dark.

“The lights here, they don’t work so good,” he says, “because, you know why? I like it that way.” Then he meandered off into the darkness and I woke up.

I know there are lots of possible interpretations of this dream, but it shook me. I think it’s important and I hope… not prescient. The dream was soaked in malevolence. Donald Trump makes the true believers think they have been invited to the party, but it is in fact, an abattoir. He speaks to them like he knows them and they know him. He kibitzes with them about their shared prejudices. He feeds them with anger and promises, but in fact has cast them down into the darkness, because HE likes it that way.

He is an evil man without a soul who is working at the behest of another evil man who is an AUTHENTIC Bond villain. Putin wants to shut off our electrical grid. I believe this, and I am not alone in my belief. There are lots of Generals in the US, who believe the same thing.

THAT is why I believe this dream is so frightening.

Sorry for the long winded nature of this post, but it really stuck with me and I wanted to share it with DUers.
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