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It is important that the DHS investigate the people involved in the Oregon stand-off: N.B., ...

If one were to look at the last part of Mark McConnell's video and examine the content, one sees the following:

From 6:11 to 7:02 in the video:

"A lot of people at the refuge...They're bailin'. Uh...makes sense...I mean...
the..the..this..the...It's over. You know this part of this...this game...this part
of the stage...It's...it's over. It's time to move on to the next stage. Um...
(clears throat)...I got hooked up, made a few phone calls...you know...people in the
network come down...picked me up...very graciously brought me into their motel rooms...
uh...you know...I'm...I'm extremely appreciative of that. You know, but that's how...
that's how this network works.
You know people actually getting out here and doing
things...not just sitting around in FaceBookland talking about all the good shit
they're gonna do or all the bad stuff we're gonna do and all that. They're actually
out here. You know..uh..you know...I..uh...I'm gonna hear all kinds of excuses and
whining and you know my dog broke its pecker and you know my wife keeps her balls
in her purse. I got it. I...uh...I know. Um...(clears throat)...So, you know...
here I am. I'm in the room...uh...relaxing - trying to warm up....

From 7:49 to 9:00 in the video:

"Yeah...The rest of the guys are still in custody. I'm out. Hey, I'm up and out...
because I do a damn good job of keeping myself UN-KNOWN. Ya know...The biggest thing
against those guys is all the stuff they put on social media. This is the second time
I've seen where these cases are...are evolving around people and what they post on
social media. Yeah, you get your First Amendment rights...You also have the right to
be stupid, I guess. Awright...um...(clears throat)...you know I've seen...a..a..a
thing now that...yeah, I must be a Fed or whatever. No, I'm jus av...I'm just smarter
than your average retarded bear...and a lot smarter than your average conspiracy
theorist. Awright...So...y'all got any questions...ya ask me...I'll make another
video. I'll answer your questions. Til then, stop speculation. Get to business. We
have work to do here.
Awright. Let's not let LaVoy's...ya know...death die in vain...
be in vain.
Yeah, it was tragic - you know - like I said...I..I'm..I'm really, ya know,
really got attached to the old man...I mean...the fire he had in him, the life he had
in him...was just phenomenal. We gotta make it work. We got shit to do....Good night.




Hopefully, the DHS is tracking "the network" and determining whatever "the next stage" may be. After all, McConnell has now exhorted them to "get to business."

R.I.P.: Marvin Minsky

Marvin Minsky, Pioneer in Artificial Intelligence, Dies at 88

Marvin Minsky, who combined a scientist’s thirst for knowledge with a philosopher’s quest for truth as a pioneering explorer of artificial intelligence, work that helped inspire the creation of the personal computer and the Internet, died on Sunday night in Boston. He was 88.


Well before the advent of the microprocessor and the supercomputer, Professor Minsky, a revered computer science educator at M.I.T., laid the foundation for the field of artificial intelligence by demonstrating the possibilities of imparting common-sense reasoning to computers.

“Marvin was one of the very few people in computing whose visions and perspectives liberated the computer from being a glorified adding machine to start to realize its destiny as one of the most powerful amplifiers for human endeavors in history,” said Alan Kay, a computer scientist and a friend and colleague of Professor Minsky’s.


Professor Minsky, in 1959, co-founded the M.I.T. Artificial Intelligence Project (later the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) with his colleague John McCarthy, who is credited with coining the term “artificial intelligence.”



Michael Moore has much (in addition to that statement) to tweet...

1h - FriendsinFlint- we FINALLY got the Dems 2 acknowledge the tragedy here. Finally. Thank u Bernie & Hillary. Now come here! Actions not words


1h - And yes, thank you Bernie. Yesterday you became the first presidential candidate to demand the Governor's resignation.




Ben Carson and "our Exoatmosphere (sic)"...

6th Republican debate transcript, annotated: Who said what and what it meant
By Team Fix January 14 at 11:56 PM

CARSON: Well, I'm very happy to get a question this early on. I was going to ask you to wake me up when that time came.


You know, I find it really quite fascinating some of the president's proclamations. The fact of the matter is he doesn't realize that we now live in the 21st century, and that war is very different than it used to be before. Not armies massively marching on each other and air forces, but now we have dirty bombs and we have cyber attacks and we have people who will be attacking our electrical grid. And, you know, we have a whole variety of things that they can do and they can do these things simultaneously. And we have enemies who are obtaining nuclear weapons that they can explode in our exoatmosphere and destroy our electric grid.

I mean, just think about a scenario like that. They explode the bomb, we have an electromagnetic pulse. They hit us with a cyberattack simultaneously and dirty bombs. Can you imagine the chaos that would ensue at that point? He needs to recognize that those kinds of things are in fact an existential threat to us.

But here's the real key. We have the world's best military, even though he's done everything he can to diminish it. And the fact of the matter is if we give them a mission and we don't tie their hands behind their back, they can get it accomplished.




Atmospheric Layers: Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, Exosphere...

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