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Gloating is not a nice thing to do. At least, being aware of the negative things that have been...

frequently used against Sen. Sanders, that is how your post comes across.

Is that how you intend it? Sure, it is only implied, but it is a very divisive remark to those who have had such remarks directed at them or at those whom they support.

In the new spirit of civility at DU, would you please retract your comment?

"As of today, I am not in favor of what I have learned about it." --Sec. Clinton on the TPP, 10/7/15

Sec. Clinton did not say - "As of today, I am not in favor of the TPP."

Sec. Clinton did not say - "As of today, I am not in favor of it."

Sec. Clinton did say - "As of today, I am not in favor of what I have learned about it."

What exactly did she learn about the TPP?

She may have learned that many groups oppose the TPP. In which case, her statement means that she is not in favor of the fact that many groups oppose the TPP.

One should keep in mind that parsing sentences very carefully is what former President Bill Clinton is known for - though the impeachment was ridiculous: "It depends upon what the meaning of 'is' is." That was his formulation.

Sec. Clinton is, at least, as smart as former President Clinton and may be equally inclined to parse uncomfortable or disadvantageous statements rather carefully.

Her actual thoughts on the TPP as evinced in her emails should be released prior to the Democratic convention, rather than after the election.

Here is a link to that interview...

in Der Spiegel:

Ex-US Intelligence Chief on Islamic State's Rise: 'We Were Too Dumb'
Interview Conducted By Matthias Gebauer and Holger Stark

Without the Iraq war, Islamic State wouldn't exist today, former US special forces chief Mike Flynn openly admits. In an interview, he explains IS' rise to become a professional force and how the Americans allowed its future leader to slip out of their hands.

Michael Flynn, 56, served in the United States Army for more than 30 years, most recently as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, where he was the nation's highest-ranking military intelligence officer. Previously, he served as assistant director of national intelligence inside the Obama administration. From 2004 to 2007, he was stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq, where, as commander of the US special forces, he hunted top al-Qaida terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, one of the predecessors to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who today heads the Islamic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq. After Flynn's team located Zarqawi's whereabouts, the US killed the terrorist in an air strike in June 2006.

In an interview, Flynn explains the rise of the Islamic State and how the blinding emotions of 9/11 led the United States in the wrong direction strategically.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: In recent weeks, Islamic State not only conducted the attacks in Paris, but also in Lebanon and against a Russian airplane over the Sinai Peninsula. What has caused the organization to shift its tactics and to now operate internationally?



You are welcome.

I find languages very intriguing and like to try to understand the origins and meanings of words. If that link is one that you think Mr. Dixie will like, here are some more that I have found to be both interesting and useful:

William Whitaker's Words at Notre Dame - Latin <--> English:

The Perseus Digital Library at Tufts - Greek, Roman, Arabic, Germanic, etc.:

The Bosworth-Toller Anglo-Saxon Dictionary - Old English:

Beolingus - German <--> English, German <--> Spanish, and German <--> Portuguese:

UT Austin Linguistics Research Center:

Also, here is the first link that I consulted regarding the above post by Lucretius:

It has the interlinear Greek translation needed to find what Lucretius mentioned. From there it was off to Perseus to see what they would claim that the Greek translation would be...etc.

I think that the question that I asked of Lucretius is not an easy one, so I don't fault Lucretius for not replying immediately.

P.S. May Mr. Dixie have fun with the above links, but if the original link that I provided was especially interesting, please first take a look at the Semitic Roots Appendix of the online version of the American Heritage Dictionary (https://ahdictionary.com/word/semitic.html). One can understand the meanings of a lot of commonly given Biblical names by reading it.

Have a nice day!

From 2011: How Dummies Bankrupt A Brand

It is interesting how little would need to be modified for this to be an up-to-date ridiculing of Donald Trump...
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