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Member since: Tue Sep 30, 2008, 11:23 AM
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The Great American Swindle. Remember the movie The Sting. We are in one.

When Trump was elected every grifter, con man in the country cheered. Many of them now work with Trump. They are making fraud legal. They are rigging the tax code to enrich themselves. Look what they are doing to our healthcare system. Its robbery. They are going to enrich themselves at our expense.

Trump hired people not because they were qualified, he hired them because they were just like him. The economy will continue to do well for a while and then one day we will wake to an economic disaster caused by corruption.

I now say this to Trump voters. Feel free to do the same.

Any American who denies and supports an attack by an enemy of the United States is by definition a traitor. That is exactly what Trump has done.

As you follow propaganda and chant "lock her up" remember this, while you do this you will be watching the entire Trump administration go down in flames.

George Poopedhispantsoulos sang like a canary.

Christmas came early this year. More canaries will start singing. I wonder if Flynn is singing. It has been really quiet when it comes to Flynn.
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