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Member since: Tue Sep 30, 2008, 11:23 AM
Number of posts: 4,379

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I update all the Trump voters I meet or know.

You have to update them because they don't have the ability to figure things out for themselves. It is easy to figure out if someone is a Trump voter. You don't have to ask them directly if they voted for Trump. Simply bring up a current event about Trump and watch their reaction.

Trump voters brains do not work properly so you have to try to help them figure things out.

I have been updating Trump voters for months. I will say things like, Have you heard about the indictments? Did you hear Trump say he would have charged into the school unarmed? Shit like that.

Recently I have seen a slight change in how some of them react when I update them. They look away or down at their feet and don't respond in defense as quickly as they used to.

History warns us, right now history is screaming a warning to all of us.

All of the ingredients are being put in place for an economic disaster. Giant tax cuts for the rich, massive deregulation, trade wars, corruption, incompetence, Horrible leadership.

All the ingredients are being put in place for a world war. Threats instead of diplomacy, Inaction instead of action, Isolationism, authoritarianism, fascism, trade wars, economic problems, incompetent leadership.

None of this is certain, but history is warning us. When you ignore the warnings of history you may perish.

The Democrats in congress must start saying this about the Republican party.

The Republican party no longer wants to serve the American people, They want to rule them. There are many examples they can use to back that up. The democrats must get tougher. The truth is on their side. The republican party no longer believes in democracy and that is a fact. They will ignore an attack on American in order to keep power.

The democrats must attack with great malice. The Republican party has become the biggest threat to our country and the democrats should do something about that. Stop playing politics and defend your country.

Wilbur Ross, Now thats a face you can trust and he uses math.

Someone in the Trump administration actually uses math. He added up what the steel tariff would cost us. Wow! To bad thats something math cannot predict. What a bunch of idiots, you have to work really hard to be as stupid as Trump and his people.

They work so hard at being stupid they are all earning a trip to prison.

A funny line from the Bill Maher show.

Fox News is the only place you can go to where Hillary is president. Funny and true.

When they issue Kushner his prison uniform it should come with the number 666.

Poetic justice. Thats the street number of the building he owes a lot of money on , which caused him to seek loans overseas.

Trumps brain runs in perpetual bullshit mode.

He tells lies about his lies. Then he will tell a lie about the lie he used to cover up a lie.

When Trump is talking to one group he will lie or insult another group in order to make himself look good. Afterwards he will contact the other group and say I did mean it.

When Trump is about to insult, threaten someone, some group,country, he will start by saying something nice about them. When Trump compliments you, Duck.

When Trump wants something he will tell a lie about how great he thinks that person is he wants something from.

His Brain is stuck on bullshit mode. He is very sick.

My new name for the Mueller investigation.

The Rope a Dope.

The Javanka marriage may soon be limited to visiting hours.

At a prison.

What will Hope Hicks do if she is indicted?

Will she go to prison to protect Trump? Or will she join all the other canaries. Mueller is going to have a room full of canaries willing to testify against Trump.
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