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Member since: Tue Sep 30, 2008, 11:23 AM
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Trump is so fucking clueless. I heard him say this about our soldiers.

He was talking about the Fort Hood killings. He said if our soldiers were armed on our military bases they would be able to protect themselves.

I was in the Army. I can honestly say letting our soldiers carry around loaded weapons all the time is the dumbest idea ever. If you have never been in the service, I can tell you some soldiers are not safe with their weapons. Some of them are scary unsafe. The weekends and sometimes on weekdays our military bases can be fucking crazy. Thousands of young, inexperienced kids getting wasted. Lots of crime, lots of fights. Female soldiers have to be very careful. They should never walk alone on a military base. When I served I knew three women in my company who got raped.

There is a reason the weapons are always secured in the arms room.

Trump is one of the most clueless bastards of have ever seen.

The evidence is right in front of our faces.

Trump, the Trump campaign conspired with Russia against Clinton. Conspiracy against the American election process. They tried to cover it up. Obstruction of justice. They are guilty. We are just waiting for Mueller to make it official. He will. Its sort of like we found the fingerprints at the crime scene and we are just waiting for the results.

I heard on MSNBC Mueller can ask permission from the acting Attorney General to change the justice dept. rule about indicting a sitting president. This could get very interesting.

How can you not love Emma.

She is so smart. So honest. She is cool. I even love her haircut. Different. I am 58 years old, grew up in the 60s and 70s and I still love people who are different. I love people who speak out, raise hell, rebel. I am still young at heart. Thank god.

I know I have lived a life of crime, so now I will put myself in the biggest spotlight in the world.

A presidential campaign. I do not believe anybody will notice. How dumb can you get?

Trump and all the crooked people that joined his campaign are some of the dumbest people on the planet. Mueller is going destroy them and it will be easy.

The Trump campaign was a criminal enterprise. That is now a fact.

Mueller is going to take Trump down. Trump was involved or knew about everything and Mueller is going to prove it.

Florida, a purple state, may now be a blue state for two reasons.

The high school students and I believe tens of thousands of american citizens from Puerto Rico now live in Florida. They are going to vote against the republicans.

If the starting point of our debates are based on a lie, how do we resolve anything?

We have become a nation of liars. We don't have honest debates anymore.

When tens of millions of Americans begin the gun debate with, You are trying to destroy the 2nd amendment, you are trying to take away are right to bear arms, That is a fucking lie.

The second amendment, the right to bear arms are part of the constitution, they are protected. They will never be taken away.

The government has the right to regulate. The second amendment mentions regulation. It is the governments duty to regulate guns.

Many of the debates we have in our country start with a lie. Thats why nothing is getting done.

The high school students who are speaking out about gun control are being very honest and thats why they are having some success. They keep it simple and honest.

Maddow mentioned something very interesting about the new indictments.

She said Manafort asked his son, I believe it was his son, to lie about being the owner of one of the properties he was committing bank fraud on. I'm no lawyer but he may also be charged in the future. That would give Mueller even more leverage to flip Manafort.

What about the school buses?

You can arm the teachers, you can have security guards, it will not solve the problem. Someone with an assault rifle can pick another target. They can walk onto a loaded school bus and kill everyone. What are you going to do put an armed guard on every bus.

The American people have lost control. We are no longer making any sense. A madness has spread throughout our entire country.

Guns are the problem. All stop.

A severely mentally ill president and the people who voted him are now saying this.

Mental illness is the problem, not the guns.

Sometimes I don't know if I should laugh or cry. So many people in this country have completely lost their minds.
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