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Member since: Tue Sep 30, 2008, 11:23 AM
Number of posts: 4,379

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We have to have a national discussion about Fox News. We are in danger.

I have talked to some Trump voters after Flynn was arrested. The people I talked to are normal middle class americans. All of them repeated the same exact words. Words they heard on Fox News. No big deal, fake news, Trump is doing a great job. They all sounded like robots repeating a recording. It scared the shit out of me and I don't scare easy.

Fox News has turned millions of americans into the people of 1930s Germany. They are blindly following propaganda, they will destroy themselves if given the chance and take us down with them.

I am going to e-mail my senators and mention what I am seeing. I hope you all do the same.

Trump is in big fucking trouble. He has pissed and shit on two things Mueller holds dear.

The FBI and the law. Trump has been insulting the FBI for two years. He calls Comey a liar all the time. He makes a mockery of the law.

I believe Mueller wants blood and his scalp. This will be an epic takedown.

Mueller can already prove Trump and his demons that work for him committed obstruction of justice. Thats done. I do not believe Mueller will stop there.

What is not being taking seriously enough by the press and many people is Trump denied an attack on America by our enemy because he was working with them. He tried to cover it up. That is conspiracy. Mueller will prove it.

Then there is the money. Mueller is following the money and he may evidence of money laundering.

I believe this has become very personnel for Mueller. I believe Mueller and Comey hate Trumps guts. Trump is every thing in life they hate. They want blood.

Trumps twitter account is a written confession.

Dumb fuck. He is going down.

How will Trump voters react when reality hits them in the face like a hammer?

They have been living in La La Land for a couple of years now. When everyone in the Whitehouse is charged and Trump is removed, fake news will no longer work. Denial will no longer work. Blaming Clinton, Obama, Democrats will not work.

I talked to a Trump voter yesterday about Flynn. He said it was no big deal. Trump will be president for 8 years. Reality is going to kick his ass.

If you go by Trumps history, he may attempt to do this.

If the tax cuts get passed Trump will have reached his goal, enriching himself. He and his family will make a fortune off these tax cuts.

Soon Trump will soon realize, if not already, that he cannot survive this investigation. He will lose. During Trumps entire business career he would always fight until he knew he could not win. When that happened he looked for a way out. He would make a deal and take the money and run.

If the tax cuts pass look for Trump to make a deal and resign. Take the money and run.

Watching all the rats turn on each other will be glorious to behold.

Trump demands loyalty from people. He does not earn it. It is a fatal flaw. All the rats will turn on him and each other.

I can't wait to see Damien arrested. When Trumps son in law is charged then will see Trump truly panic.

Cross of Gold speech. 1896. The long tragic history of Trickle Down economics.

The proven wrong belief of trickle down has been around a long time. Here is a quote from the speech.

There are two ideas of government. Those who believe that if you legislate to make the well to do prosperous, that their prosperity will leak through on those below. The democratic idea has been that if you legislate to make the masses prosperous their prosperity will find its way up and through every class that rests upon it.

People have been proving trickle down does not work for a very long time. We had trickle down in the 1920s which lead to 1929. We had it again in the 1980s, stock market crash. We had it in the 2000s, economic collapse.

This question needs to be answered. If it has been proven not to work time and time again. Why do people still want to do it?

It's a nightmare. Trump is on TV right now taking credit for what Obama accomplished.

This is disgusting. He is taking credit for the stock market, low unemployment, everything. He is telling the crowd he has done more than any president in their 1st 10 months. I can't take to much more of this bullshit. When is this asshole going to pay a price for what he has down? Nothing makes sense for me anymore.

It feels like reality doesn't matter any more. Am I losing my mind or does anyone else feel the same.

You may not agree with this, but I want the republicans to pass their stupid tax plan for this reason. At that moment the Obama economy ends and the Trump economy begins. It may do well for a while but in time the economy will crash. The only way this madness ends is when something bad happens. Thats are fate.

Trump voters don't know this yet.

When the investigation ends Trump will be judged and so will his voters. Whatever Trump is charged with they will also be guilty of those same charges. They made a choice. If you support and vote for someone who is committing crimes in the open like Trump did you are guilty of those same crimes. The people who voted for Trump were extremely Un-american.

Being an American is not just about being born here. Any dam fool can be born here. It's not just about self-proclaiming I am an American. Any dam fool can do that. It's about how you live your life. There are a lot of people in this country who are only American by name.

Trump voters remind me of the people of the South during the civil war. Fucking traitors.

For myself, DU has become an oasis of sanity in a desert of insanity.

DU is a place where I can vent about all of the insanity we are dealing with, offer thoughts and ideas, share information. Even though some people may not always agree with what you post they understand where you are coming from. DU is an oasis of sanity.
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