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Member since: Tue Sep 30, 2008, 12:23 PM
Number of posts: 4,379

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Wilbur Ross, Now thats a face you can trust and he uses math.

Someone in the Trump administration actually uses math. He added up what the steel tariff would cost us. Wow! To bad thats something math cannot predict. What a bunch of idiots, you have to work really hard to be as stupid as Trump and his people.

They work so hard at being stupid they are all earning a trip to prison.

A funny line from the Bill Maher show.

Fox News is the only place you can go to where Hillary is president. Funny and true.

When they issue Kushner his prison uniform it should come with the number 666.

Poetic justice. Thats the street number of the building he owes a lot of money on , which caused him to seek loans overseas.

Trumps brain runs in perpetual bullshit mode.

He tells lies about his lies. Then he will tell a lie about the lie he used to cover up a lie.

When Trump is talking to one group he will lie or insult another group in order to make himself look good. Afterwards he will contact the other group and say I did mean it.

When Trump is about to insult, threaten someone, some group,country, he will start by saying something nice about them. When Trump compliments you, Duck.

When Trump wants something he will tell a lie about how great he thinks that person is he wants something from.

His Brain is stuck on bullshit mode. He is very sick.

My new name for the Mueller investigation.

The Rope a Dope.

The Javanka marriage may soon be limited to visiting hours.

At a prison.

What will Hope Hicks do if she is indicted?

Will she go to prison to protect Trump? Or will she join all the other canaries. Mueller is going to have a room full of canaries willing to testify against Trump.

Trump is so fucking clueless. I heard him say this about our soldiers.

He was talking about the Fort Hood killings. He said if our soldiers were armed on our military bases they would be able to protect themselves.

I was in the Army. I can honestly say letting our soldiers carry around loaded weapons all the time is the dumbest idea ever. If you have never been in the service, I can tell you some soldiers are not safe with their weapons. Some of them are scary unsafe. The weekends and sometimes on weekdays our military bases can be fucking crazy. Thousands of young, inexperienced kids getting wasted. Lots of crime, lots of fights. Female soldiers have to be very careful. They should never walk alone on a military base. When I served I knew three women in my company who got raped.

There is a reason the weapons are always secured in the arms room.

Trump is one of the most clueless bastards of have ever seen.

The evidence is right in front of our faces.

Trump, the Trump campaign conspired with Russia against Clinton. Conspiracy against the American election process. They tried to cover it up. Obstruction of justice. They are guilty. We are just waiting for Mueller to make it official. He will. Its sort of like we found the fingerprints at the crime scene and we are just waiting for the results.

I heard on MSNBC Mueller can ask permission from the acting Attorney General to change the justice dept. rule about indicting a sitting president. This could get very interesting.

How can you not love Emma.

She is so smart. So honest. She is cool. I even love her haircut. Different. I am 58 years old, grew up in the 60s and 70s and I still love people who are different. I love people who speak out, raise hell, rebel. I am still young at heart. Thank god.
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