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Member since: Tue Sep 30, 2008, 12:23 PM
Number of posts: 4,379

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The NRA is a major threat to freedom.

They want to arm everybody. If we have to arm everyone in order to protect ourselves we are no longer free. When you don't have to arm yourself then you are free. It's that simple.

The lack of critical thinking is scary. This morning I gave my wife this example.

We were talking about the school shooting and what can be done to protect our schools. I told my wife when someone shows up at a school with a military assault rifle it is too late. You have to stop them before they get there. She heard me but did not think it through. She said we need security guards and metal detectors at the schools.

I pointed to the bedroom doorway and told her to pretend the doorway is metal detector and there is a security guard standing next to it.

I charged at the bedroom door yelling, bang, bang, bang, very quickly. I looked at my wife and she laughed in embarrassment realizing her mistake.

So many Americans lack critical thinking. So many Americans believe life is like the movies. They believe a security guard will turn into dirty harry and save the day with one shot. They believe an armed teacher will turn into Rambo and charge the shooter and save the day.

For these reasons, I believe Mueller will indict Trump.

Trump has made a complete mockery of the presidency, our democracy and our laws. He has done and is doing things that no normal person ,normal president would never think of doing. He is mentally abnormal to say the least. He has become a major national security threat.

Trump has proven our laws do not fully protect us from a mentally abnormal, dangerous president. That has to change.

The number one protection we have against a dangerous president is the power of impeachment. Republicans in congress have proven they may not use this power. Republican voters and republicans in congress have proven that millions of people will follow a madman till their destruction. History has shown us that millions of people willing to follow a madman to their deaths is not unique. It's common.

Mueller is a patriot. He will put country first. He is a marine. Never fuck with a marine. Mueller is going to bring serious charges against Trump. One of the charges may be conspiring with the enemy against America. Traitor. Mueller will recommend impeachment but he knows that may not work.

I believe he will indict Trump on many charges. That will go to the Supreme Court because no one knows if a president can be indicted or not. I believe mueller will bring such a strong case against Trump the supreme court will side with Mueller.

Trump voters will not be charged, but they are guilty. They will be ostracized.

Mueller will present FOOLproof evidence against Trump and the people who work for him. Bullshit, lies will no longer work. Trump voters are guilty of supporting an attack on America. They are guilty of supporting a criminal enterprise. They have disgraced the presidency and the entire country. The American people will turn on them after Mueller presents all the evidence.

They will be called fools, ridiculed in public. They will be shamed. Eventually they will realize they were complete fools or they will crawl back under their rocks, back into the shadows.

Soon, Trump voters are going to have a head on collision with reality.

Mueller is reality. In my opinion this is one of the most dangerous periods in our countries history for this reason.

The Republican party , Trump, Fox news, propaganda campaign against their voters has been completely successful. Trump voters now believe in fake news. They don't care about the Russia investigation, fake news. They don't care about the bad things they hear about Trump. Fake news. Trump voters are under the complete control of propaganda. It is a major threat to our democracy.

When the Mueller investigation ends it's going to be brutal on Trump and the people who have worked for him. It will be shocking to Trump voters watching so many people getting indicted, pleading guilty, articles of impeachment being brought forth against Trump.

We are going to witness what happens when propaganda hits head on with reality. This will be historic.

Emma is my hero.

Raise hell young people, you have the right to protect your future.

Pumpkin head must be removed soon. He is a major national security threat.

I am just guessing , but I believe Mueller will bring charges against Trump sooner than later because he is a major national security threat. Maybe this spring, early summer.

High school students are stepping up. Where are the college students?

Do college students protest anymore? I don't hear about it. It's their future thats on the line. The gun problem is just one of the many problems that is wrecking our country. College students should be protesting about many issues.

The pursuit of happiness is not the pursuit of money. It's the pursuit of dignity. Human rights, equal rights, workers rights, fairness.

What good is a high paying job if you have none of the above, money will not make you happy if you have none of the above. College students should be protesting their asses off. Greed is wrecking their future. It's wrecking our country. It's right in front of our faces.

Any weapon that has the words military, assault, attached to it must be banned.

They are for military use only, Its that simple.

If you want to know how the investigation ends, watch the ending of the movie Reservoir Dogs.

They are turning on each other. They are singing like canaries. They will not shoot each other but they will convict each other. They are stupid and they are making it easy for Mueller.
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