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Member since: Tue Sep 30, 2008, 12:23 PM
Number of posts: 4,379

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The Russian plot started in 2014. Trump was in Russia in 2013. Coincidence?

Hard to believe. Mueller will give us the answers.

You can now say this to Trump voters because its true.

You voted for a traitor. Soon many Trump voters will realize Trump conned them, made fools out of them. They will fade away and hide.

Remember when republican voters went crazy over Palin? It took a while before they realized Palin was a fucking idiot. Now you don't hear them talking about Palin. It will be the same with Trump.

February 16th 2018. The beginning of the end for the Trump administration.

Yesterday, Mueller proved America was attacked. He also proved Trump lied to the American people about the attack, which proves Trump supported an attack on American in order to take control of our government.

Trump has been helping the country that attacked us by refusing to put in place sanctions congress passed. He has been supporting policies that benefit Russia. Trump has also tried to destroy the free press and he tried to take control of the justice department.

This is the definition of a traitor. You do not have to be in declared war for someone to be called a traitor. Trump the traitor.

Trump can no longer fire Mueller, that would be suicide. When Mueller brings charges against Trump and dozens of indictments against Americans that were involved in this plot it will be devastating. Trump will not survive.

Forty people were indicted for Watergate. This is much bigger.

Reality is going to kick the shit out of Trump voters.

When dozens of people are indicted, Trump is charged with multiple crimes, Trump voters will not know what the fuck has hit them. At first they will fight reality but in the end they will surrender to it. Just like they did with bush and the Iraq war.

I said this before, Trump voters will become infamous.

Republican math; Giant tax cuts + increased spending equals bankruptcy.

We live in a global economy, no one can predict when there will be an economic downturn. Something could go wrong in China or Europe which could cause a global downturn. A war could break out, corruption could take place. When the next downturn happens we will pay for republican math big time.

When people give up all their values and morals, all that is left is evil.

Trump voters have taken this path. One of the most unbelievable things Trump voters have done since Trump became president is they never hold him accountable for anything. He can lie all he wants. He can insult anyone. He could sexually assault women, and Trump voters would not care. They think they are winning. Thats all that matters. They are not winning.

Its like watching a cult movie. Cult followers usually have a bad ending.

Trump voters are so stupid they don't even know they are being insulted.

Trump and the republicans in congress know their voters are stupid. They count on it. They run on it. They can say anything, tell any lie and their braindead voters will believe it.

When Trump said," I can shoot somebody on 5th ave and my voters won't care." That was not a compliment. He was saying I own you idiots.

Every fucking day Trump voters are insulted and they don't know it. What comes after stupid?

I am a veteran, most soldiers do not like parades.

When I was in the army our captain paraded us past base headquarters to make himself look good. It almost turned into a dam mutiny. Soldiers know when they are being used.

Soldiers will know this parade is about Trump, not them.

Keep your $1000 bonus and pay for your employees healthcare you greedy bastards.

For many years the working people of America have handed over trillions of dollars of wealth to the rich and they demand nothing in return. They just bitch about how bad things are.

With the tax cuts Trump just gave them they should pay for our healthcare.They can afford it.
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