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Member since: Tue Sep 30, 2008, 11:23 AM
Number of posts: 4,379

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Racists don't have a clue about history. Have you ever noticed that?

They have been taught a false history. Look at Shithole, he doesn't have a fucking clue about american history. Trump and racists like him don't know about all the different races that were heroes during all of our wars, including the american revolution.

If you told a racist an african american was one of the bravest fighters at the battle of bunker hill you would get a confused look. There are countless examples that racists don't have a fucking clue happened.

When the democrats regain power, I want blood.

I don't want to hear any bullshit about its time to move forward, lets not look back. Thats what Obama did and the republicans treated him like an asshole. Fuck that. I want them to impeach Shithole, I want to see a lot of subpoenas of Shitholes people that work in the Whitehouse. I want to see ethics investigations of certain republicans in congress for obstruction of justice. Fucking traitors.

I want blood, no forgiveness. When the democrats regain power I will be e-mailing them letting them know this.

The unknown dangers ahead; What are you doing to protect yourself.

No one knows how the disaster of electing Shithole will end. I believe its fair to say it will end badly.

I have decided to build up my savings account and I am in constant touch with the person who manages my 401k. I am also putting down more money on my car payment and house payment ever month. My wife and I have to sacrifice in order to do this things. Not a lot of disposable income left over. We are ok with that.

The democrats are wasting their time trying to work with Shithole and the republicans.

Look at what just happen with the DACA deal. The Democrats should not get in the way of Shithole and republicans path of self destruction. Let them destroy themselves.

I understand the democrats want to help the DACA kids but trying to make a deal is a waste of time. Shithole and the republicans will be responsible for what ever happens. They are in charge.

The democrats should focus completely on the upcoming election. They should obstruct Shithole and the republicans as much as possible. No deals with racists, extremists, and cowards.

When has madness ever ended well?

Just asking. We are living through madness right now and none of us know how it will end. What pisses me off is its self inflicted. The american people have attempted this type of madness before, it did not end well.

Bannon the coward, How many bad traits can one person have?

Please forgive me Donald. Your son is like really amazing. Suck! Mercers please don't take my money away. Suck!

Trump, Fox news and the Republican party declared war on the main stream news media and the truth.

It's about time the main stream news media starts to fight back. They need to get a lot tougher. Some are fighting back but they can and should get a lot tougher. This is a very dangerous game Trump and the republicans are playing.

Reporters need to lay their jobs on the line. Attack these liars. Call out Fox news for who they are, fucking liars .They need to get tougher with Trump when they ask him questions. The same with his lying press secretary. How often do you hear a reporter ask, Why are you lying, why do you lie all the time. These should be the most asked questions hands down.

They need to end all interviews when Republicans come on their shows and fucking lie. Cut them off. Enough of the bullshit and lies.

Our democracy depends on an honest news media. They must get tougher. This is a war.

We need someone to write a book about the unfit Trump voters.

I do not need to read a book about Trump. I watched it live. He's fucking nuts. Trump could not be president without tens of millions of americans being the same, Crazy, blind, ignorant followers. I see no difference between the followers of Hitler, Manson, Jones, Trump.

They all suffer the same mental problem. They will follow even if it means they destroy themselves, their families, everything. I would like to see a national discussion on this issue. I would like to see the mental health experts discuss this serious problem. Put a name to it, define it. What has killed more people than this mental problem throughout history?

The Mueller investigation is going to shock a lot of americans.

A lot of americans are not even following the investigation or they don't believe it. This is bigger than watergate. It's going to hit like an earthquake. Dozens of people could be indicted. This will be historic.

Paul Ryan is a fucking asshole.

Retire now you piece of shit.
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