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Member since: Tue Sep 30, 2008, 11:23 AM
Number of posts: 4,379

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The republicans in congress have decided to take a very dangerous path.

They have decided to protect Trump. They must believe doing this is their best bet for them to hold their seats this election. They have become corrupt in their quest to hold power. It's scary.

Their decision to protect Trump, including attacking the investigation could result in some republicans getting caught up in obstruction of justice charges. Nunes is playing with fire.

It is very difficult to understand what they are thinking because many of them talk and act crazy. Many of them are hypocrites. They say one thing and the next day they do the opposite.

They are terrified of their lunatic base which is another reason they act so crazy. Relying strictly on your base to win elections will not work long term.

Their decision to protect Trump could lead to Mueller being fired. That would set off a fire storm against Trump and the republicans in congress. It would create a bigger wave in this years election.

I believe the republicans have made the mistake of trying to hold power at all costs. This always leads to corruption and self destruction.
They will destroy themselves eventually or they will destroy our democracy.

We already knew Trump is stupid and nuts. People can write all the books they want. It means nothing

Trump could run through the Whitehouse naked pissing on the floor and it would not matter. This country has gone insane. Trump will not pay a price for anything until something goes terribly wrong and we all get hurt.

Trump likes to use social media because,

He is a juvenile egomaniac who likes to lie like an old drunk barfly and likes to gab like an old lady in a sewing circle. Trump is a fucking weirdo.

If Mueller does not end his investigation this spring, early summer.

It probably will not end until after the election. I can't see him ending it right before the election. It would become too political.The republicans and fox news would go nuts. He would be wise to wait until the election is over if he can't end it early this year.

We need Trumps luck to run out.

Trump is one of the luckiest assholes I have ever seen. He has been riding Obamas coattails since he took office. He was handed a good stable economy. Obama put the plan in place to kick Isis ass in Iraq.

Trump has run a corrupt, incompetent, neglectful, destructive Whitehouse. He has not paid a price yet. Hopefully, sooner than later something will go wrong with the economy or foreign affairs and Trump will finally pay a price.

I am so fucking tired of this juvenile egomaniac taking credit for the Obama economy. After their tax scam was passed the Obama economy ended. Its all on Trump now, something will go wrong and I don't want it happening later. I want it to happen soon.

Supreme court judge Neil Gorsuch's mother was the head of the EPA under Reagan.

She was removed for being an idiot. States rights when it came to the environment. Google it.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Thank you for helping me stay sane, Lol.

All of this is in place and ready to go. Good luck everyone.

Environmental damage will increase. The chance of a major environmental disaster will increase. The EPA is being gutted. Deregulation, lack of oversight. Oil drilling, fracking, mining, all deregulated. Workplace safety being deregulated. Look for an increase in work place deaths.

Financial crisis, trickle down economics is now in place. The debt, wealth divide will grow. This will hurt the american people over time. Deregulation across the board, Corruption will fill the void. Watch the banks.

Foreign policy, diplomacy has been replaced with bluster and threats. Trump is changing the world order. He is removing America from the world stage in many areas. What will take its place no one knows. Increased chance of international chaos over time. He is turning our allies against us in many ways.

Everything Trump has done is for short term gain. He does not look long term. That guarantees failure long term.

The investigation, this will not end well for Trump or the country. It will get ugly and maybe we deserve it. There has been a big change in the american people. A great selfishness, like forcing our beliefs upon each other. It doesn't work. It took an extreme lack of values to vote for Trump, an extreme ignorance to be able to vote for Trump. Its hard to reconcile and understand.

2018 may be a year none of us will ever forget.

I will celebrate like never before when Trump is removed from office. Hopefully after the shit hits the fan the american people will return to moderation, american values, unselfishness. We may need an ass kicking to get us there.

Trump is a prosecutors dream.

Thousands of lies documented on twitter and video. Trump will be questioned by Mueller. He may be called to testify before a grand jury. There is no way in hell they will not catch him lying. Trump can't remember all the lies he has told.

There will be testimony from dozens of people made under oath about Trump and what he has done and said. Trump won't know what other people have said. Trump is fucked.

Do you remember Black Monday, The Keating 5?

1987, Thats win I caught onto trickle down economics. My profit sharing at work got wiped out. I was pissed off and have never forgotten. People forget that Reagans trickle down economics doubled the debt, led to the banking scandal. Black Monday.
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