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Member since: Tue Sep 30, 2008, 12:23 PM
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One important fact about the investigation that is not being talked about.

Trump and the people that work for him or have worked for him are the Dumbest of Dumb.

Trump has spent his entire presidency obstructing justice, lying, firing people. He may be the first person ever convicted by talking shit on twitter. Trump was good at one thing his entire life. He figured out there were millions of people dumber than he his. He decided to make his living taking advantage of these people. P. T. Barnum. He used his fathers name, money and lawyers to do it.

Manafort; If you live a shady life the dumbest thing you could ever do is put yourself in the biggest spotlight there is, a campaign. Dumb ass.

Flynn; the same goes for him. Let me be the head of the NSA and nobody will notice The illegal foreign deals I am making. Dumb ass.

Damien; Trumps son in law thinks he is smart, he's not. He decided no one would notice the fact he met secretly with Russians and could simply leave it off his security clearance. Dumb ass.

Spicer; Dumb ass.

Carter Page; He reminds me of the movie Charly. I think he is retarded. Dumb ass. These are just a few examples.

You tell me, what do think is going to happen when all these dumb fucks have to testify under oath. Lol.

This is one of the reasons the past year seemed so crazy. We were watching very dumb people commit crimes right out in the open. It has been bizarre.

My old man loved Jimmy Hoffa.

My dad was a hardworking, honest blue collar worker. He worked on the loading docks. He was very tough guy. I remember my dad telling me when I was a teenager back in the 70s he did not care if Hoffa was doing something crooked on the side. He only cared about this. He told me Hoffa would do anything for the working man. He would and did give the shirt off his back for the working man.

Are the politicians clean, are the rich clean, are the corporations clean, Only unions have to be clean? My old man had a deep old school honesty about him. My old man knew life was a fight.

A Trump follower and Manson follower are sitting in a bar;

The Manson follower says; Yes Charlie killed a lot of people, but he did it out of love.

Trump follower says; Yes Trump is crazy and crooked but he is going to drain the swamp out of love.

That about sums it up.

It's so difficult to find evidence against Trump. For example;

Hey Russia, steal clintons e-mails and help me win the election.

I fired Comey because he was investigating me. What a relief.

Sally Yates warned me Flynn was subject to blackmail by Russia so I fired her.

Russia did not attack our elections. Fake news.

The June 2016 meeting with russians was about adoption. Believe me.

What a freak show this has been. He convicted himself.

There coming to get you Donald. Boo!

I am going to enjoy watching Trump panic and cut his own Throat.

Damien (Trumps son in law) knows everything. What will he do when he is indicted?

He will be charged with a federal crime for lying on a security clearance. He also is being investigated at the state level for his business dealings. Trump could pardon him for the federal crime but that would set off a fire storm.

Damien could make a deal and tell what knows to save his ass. Would he turn on Trump? Will he remain silent and do the time?

This is going to get very interesting.

This belief/curse of the republican party has damaged our lives.

Everything must be privatized. Everything works better when it is privatized. It's a lie. It has damaged social security, medicare, Obamacare, the post office and many government agencies that make our lives better. Greedy assholes.

Would you trust Trump to pardon you after you were convicted?

Think about it. I wouldn't.

With this arrest comes panic among all the people who know they are guilty.

Mistakes will be made which will lead to more charges. Some may try to save their own ass and start talking. Lets remember, Trump and the people that work for him are a bunch of dumb fucks. They seem smarter than they are because their voters are some of the dumbest people on this planet.

This arrest is just the beginning. I believe Mueller and the killer prosecutors he has working for him are going to take scalps.

These three words alone could force Trump to resign.

Subject to blackmail. If mueller reports, presents evidence to congress and the american people that shows Trump, people who work him are subject to blackmail; Game over. Major national security risk. Trumps behavior about Russia supports blackmail. He denied America was attacked. That is serious business.

Its self evident; When you secretly meet with the enemy and attempt to fix an election you are subject to blackmail.

If you recall, Sally Yates went to the Whitehouse to warn Trump about Flynn being subject to blackmail. Trump did nothing. Big mistake. A few days later the crazy fuck fired Yates. The press got hold of the story a couple of weeks later which forced Trump to remove Flynn. If Flynn was subject to blackmail so are many other people including Tr ump.

Forget impeachment, the republicans will fight that. I think its fair to say most republicans in congress do not like Trump. I can see a repeat of what happened to Nixon. They will tell him to resign. They would rather have pence in there. He is one of them. I have big problems with pence but I believe he is sane. Trump and his voters are a fucking cult.

If those three words are not enough mueller can add these three words, Obstruction of Justice. Trump is guilty as hell.

For two years it has felt like reality had left America. It has been hell for the sane people of America. Reality is about to make a major come back. When people start getting arrested for serious crimes shit gets real quickly.
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