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Member since: Tue Sep 30, 2008, 12:23 PM
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The transfer of wealth (business) is booming.

Corporate profits are way up. Stock market up. They love deregulation and tax cuts. Wages up a little.

The republican failed healthcare plan was a transfer of wealth plan. Take 800 billion from the poor and working class and give it to the rich. They wanted that money to pay for tax reform. Where will they go next to get that money? Tax reform has to be budget neutral or it will not pass.

Deregulation is happening across the board. This is a transfer of wealth and it also puts peoples lives at risk. Deregulation of the work place, environment, etc. People will die or get hurt badly.

Federal workers are under assault. Overtime pay is under attack. Pensions and healthcare are under assault. Unions under assault.

The wealth divide is going to become much bigger. This will put the economy at risk. How many times do the working people have to watch this movie before they wake the fuck up?

The number one business in America is the transfer of wealth business. It is the number one threat to the working people of America.

The presidency that never was. Thats what historians should call this freak show.

The wheels are coming off, It only took 6 months. This freak show is going to get a lot worse but it will die a terrible death.

Finally some good news which could lead to more good news.

Trump and the republican parties entire agenda is now in trouble. They wanted to gut medicaid so they would have the money for tax reform and infrastructure. They are completely failing. Soon the republicans in congress will start to focus on next years election and saving their seats. Hopefully they will turn on Trump. I hope.

I have been in a complete rage ever since trumps speech to the boy scouts. He crossed a line. A hate speech to our children. Fuck him. I need more good news and I'm sure everyone here feels the same way.

If Trump started a war this is how the american people and news media would respond.

Trump needs to change now. He has to stop tweeting. Thousands of people are dying. He really, really, really has to change. He really, really, really has to stop tweeting. Our president (not a president) has to lead us now in a time of war. We must support him in a time of war.

Ship of Fools.

The american people and the news media are complete idiots.

I have been in this position before. In 2007 I knew we were heading for an economic collapse. Very few americans saw that coming. No one believed me. I Protected my retirement savings. How about you? Not

What is happening now is worse. Donald Trump is NOT a president. Let me repeat that, Trump is not a president. This is a complete fucking lie. Right now America does not have a president. Everyone is acting like trump is a very bad president or a very good president. Wrong. What a bunch of fucking fools the american people have become. The news media are a bunch of fools.

Go ahead and trash me, i don't care. Tell me I'm wrong when we all get are ass kicked when this fucking lie takes hold. Sorry, but I have had enough of this bullshit. What I just said is the truth. The american people have become fools.

What will trump do when the indictments are carried out?

Trumps son in law committed a felony. Saying I forgot, I'm ignorant. It's my assistants fault, are not a defense. They are excuses. He lied on a top secret security clearance. Flynn will be charged with the same. The attorney general committed perjury. Manafort may be indicted.

Many believe he will try and stop the investigation. He may be that crazy. If he does that we will be on the verge of a constitutional crisis. This is going to get brutal. The american people may pay a heavy price before this madness ends.

I am proudly wearing my new anti Trump t-shirt today. It says,

Repeal and Replace Trump. My wife is pleading with me not to get into a fight. I told her I will try my best not to get into a fight, but I have to speak out against what the Trump voters are doing. They are flat out wrong. I have always been someone who minds his own business. Not this time.

Whenever I meet a Trump voter I do not argue with them or insult them. I shame them with the truth. So far I have been mostly met with silence. I am so much more informed than the trump voters I have met. Most of them are ignorant. Including some of my friends.

Do you feel like I do?

As tens of millions of americans descend into madness, the madness of trump; The sane watch and wait, fearing they may be dragged into the abyss of their madness.

With agonizing patience, the sane wait for right to defeat wrong, for good to defeat evil. They wait for the relief of justice. When justice finally strikes down like a hammer it will be a glorious day like no other.

Justice must prevail, It would be an unspeakable horror for it not to. It would be Un-American. This is how I feel right now.

It is becoming clear to me Trump is a fan of the Hitler playbook. He must have read Hitlers book. His speech to the boy scouts was scary.

The news media should be talking about blackmail everyday.

The trump Whitehouse is open to blackmail. It is a major national security threat. Russia has compromised trump. They have information they could use against him.

The american people need to be warned every single day. Trump can no longer serve as president for this reason alone. It is over.

Just a thought, Yes we must protect freedom of speech when it comes to the news media.

Can we pass laws, set standards that define when someone can call themselves a news organization? Can we pass laws that require people, organizations, to set certain standards of legitimacy before they can call themselves a news organization?

I have a hard time calling fox news a news organization.The so called right ring news media over the past 20 years has fucked this country up. They are more propaganda than news. Should they have the right to call themselves the news?
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