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Member since: Tue Sep 30, 2008, 12:23 PM
Number of posts: 4,379

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I have been searching for a light at the end of the Trump tunnel from hell.

Trumps first 8 months have been a disaster. The next 8 months will be worse. Trump failed on healthcare and I believe he will fail on tax reform. When that happens Trump will lose republican support in congress. The republicans are obsessed with giving tax cuts to the rich. Thats the only reason they protect Trump. Trump has made a lot of enemies in the republican party. If Trump fails I believe republicans will turn on him and turn their attention to next years election. What are Trump and the republicans going to run on if tax reform fails?

While this happens the investigation is closing in on Trump. I believe the evidence against Trump is overwhelming. I believe they can prove intent and motive on obstruction of justice.

Trump has broken his oath of office everyday he has been in office. He denied an attack on America. He has done nothing about. That is an impeachable offense. That offense gives support to obstruction of justice charges that will be brought against him. The motive is money. They wanted to make business deals with Russia.

I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Trump is going down.

The national anthem debate. This is Trump trying to distract from his failures. This is my response.

I stand for the national anthem because I want to. I don't even think about. When someone tells me I must stand, that changes everything. It is american as apple pie for me to tell Trump to go fuck himself. From now on I will stay seated until that pig leaves office.

If Trump were a car he would be a ford pinto.

He would pretend to be a luxury car; look at me I am an amazing car, perhaps the best ever. Climb aboard and we will make America great again. Millions of people fall for it and climb aboard, then the ford pinto catches on fire and burns everyone.

The threat of war grows. North Korea believes Trump has declared war on them.

Trumps big mouth may get a lot of people killed. Fuck you Trump and fuck you Trump voters.

Solipsistic Reality. There is a book coming out very soon about Trumps mental health.

The dangerous case of Donald Trump is the name of the book. I have been saying this for a very long time. Trump does not see reality like normal people. He is fucking dangerous. Solipsistic Reality.

They should play the Hendrix (Woodstock) version of the national anthem at all games today.

Some people are still confused about Oswald and the three shots he fired.

Some people have a hard time believing Oswald could fire three shots with a bolt action rifle in a certain amount of seconds. I believe it was around eight-seconds. It you remember this simple fact you will no longer be confused.

The first shot starts the clock. In reality Oswald had eight-seconds to fire two shots. That can be done.

Here is another fact about Oswald. Oliver Stone lied about this in his movie JFK. Oswald was a marine and he qualified as an expert. I believe he hit 49 out 50 targets.

A perfect storm may be heading the republicans way.

It looks like the republicans have completely failed on healthcare. They looked like a bunch of assholes. Next up is tax reform. There is a very good chance this will also fail. They will enter the 2018 election season as complete failures.

I believe starting next year we could start seeing the impact of having an idiot as president on our economy. It takes a while before the results of incompetence start to show. We could also start seeing the results of deregulation. Next year we could also start seeing the results of an incompetent foreign policy.

This could lead to a major democrat victory in 2018. Lets hope I am right.

This is not hyperbole. The 2018 elections are the biggest elections of our lifetime.

It is unimaginable to think the republicans would keep control of congress after next years election. Trump will probably still be in office during next years elections. If the democrats cannot at least take back the house we will all be screwed.

If the republicans keep control it would guarantee Trump would not be impeached no matter what mueller does. Republicans will just ignore his findings. It would give republicans a mandate. A mandate that says we can do what ever we want, no matter how awful, no matter how evil and still hold power.

Just thinking about it gives me the chills. As they say in sports. This is a must win situation or its all over. We must win back the house.

Do Trump voters know there is a serious investigation going on right now?

I don't think so. They may have heard about it but they think its nothing. The Trump voters are so ignorant it scares me.

Trump voters are going to be completely surprised and shocked when people that worked for Trump are indicted. Charges of obstruction of justice are brought against Trump.
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