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Member since: Fri Oct 10, 2008, 11:34 AM
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Hoosier Here- Voted Bernie but ready to Vote Hillary

So where I'm at there are a LOT of Bernie signs. I'm in a rare "blue" part of the state. Anyway the turnout looks good from what I saw at the polls today when I went to vote as well as from my FB feed. Most of the people I know are leaning Bernie so will see what happens. I also know many of them also vow to vote for Hillary if she gets the nom.

Meanwhile in my home town which is in one of the reddest of the red parts of the states it sounds like my cousins are resigning themselves to supporting Trump. Don't get it. They don't like him. Additionally, I can tell from the few people on my FB feed from HS that Trump is their candidate. I'm surmising then Trump must be the candidate then in that area.

So glad my Dad and my step-mom are sane people so family visit won't be awkward.

Still, not looking forward to visiting the area for the rest of the election cycle.

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