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Member since: Fri Oct 10, 2008, 11:34 AM
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Voted in Southern IN yesterday - 2nd day early voting - line down the block

So, yesterday I went to vote early as I usually do. In the large college town where I live there is only one place to go for early voting. I was stunned to see that the line was a block long. I've never seen that before with early voting. This was only the 2nd day too! Word was that earlier in the day the line had been longer!

It took me 40 minutes to get through the line to vote, but it was so worth it. Finally, I felt like I had the power to tell T and his whole cabal to F*ck off. I think it would take a miracle for IN to go blue, but I do pray this country overwhelming votes Democratic. I'm greedy. I don't just want T out of the Whitehouse, I want the Repubs to lose control of the Senate and more seats in the House. They put party and politics over country. They enabled the man at the helm of this disaster and they need to be held accountable by being voted out of power.

Vote everyone. Vote early if you can.

Timely Halloween Reading - The Mask of the Red Death

Seriously, if it's been a while or you haven't read this at all, make it a must for your Halloween reading. It's a short story and very relatable to the times.

The Mask of the Red Death

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